Diary of a Gooner: The Gunners will field a strong team against Chelsea.

EXCLUSIVE: The Gunners will field a strong team against Chelsea in the COC.

In the past few years, Arsène has gone with a team that is inexperienced but talented in the League cup. However this year, the league cup has to be taken seriously in order for Arsenal to break their silverware drought. The principle is the same, rotation will be made, but not as much as expected. Arsenal will be playing Chelsea, mind. This isn’t West Brom or Coventry. Chelsea have huge quality in depth which makes them a step ahead of tomorrow’s game. However Arsène has decided to field a strong team, but leave out the likes of Giroud and Özil due to fatigue and injuries. There may be some youngsters playing such as Gnabry and Ryo, however, they are ready for the first team, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

     Now, do Arsenal have enough quality to beat Chelsea?
With the probable team that will be starting I don’t see why we shouldn’t beat them with flying colours. The atmosphere will be vibrant and the crowd will get behind their team. Arsenal need to win, Arsenal is a momentum club and I’m sure they can get through to the next round.

Probable line up : Fabianski, Monreal, Vermaelen(C), Mertesacker, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Ryo, Bendtner, Gnabry

Probable Bench: Viviano, Akpom, Cazorla, Gibbs, Eisfeld, Hayden, Zelalem.

Ree Rahman


They claim to be “In The Know”, but are they? – Part I – Tweets

We’ve all seen them, even if we didn’t care it was impossible to avoid them… ITKs. People who claim to have inside sources at a football club, people who claim to be BFF with football agents and/or claim to be related to football players. They get our hopes up and disappoint us.

I decided to save screencaptures of their tweets, just to see who was right/wrong at the end of the transfer window.

Here’s Part I – What did they tweet?


I think every single one of us knows he’s a fraud by now. For those who aren’t quite convinced, here are just a few of Indy’s tweets:

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I don’t even know where to start… Let’s move on.


For those who’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that Ree wrote a post about WayneGooney18, also known as ‘abrokediaby’. In case you are not familiar with either one of these accounts -we all envy you- here are  a few tweets:


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So boys, where is Cesc? Or Higuaín/Rooney/Fellaini/Cesar?

In case you want to contact either WayneGooney18 or abrokediaby, both accounts are either deleted or suspended. I guess we’ll never know why Cesc didn’t join and why we never signed a striker…


Some believe him, some don’t. Here’s a few of Dan’s tweets:

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Couple of things, it’s Higuaín* and you were right. The deal’s done, unfortunately not with Arsenal.
Both Rooney and Fellaini are playing for Manchester United this season.
Arsène Wenger confirmed we were actually in for Suárez*.
Unless Cesar changed his name to Viviano, I’m pretty sure that deal wasn’t done.

Agent Jim

Apparently Agent Jim is a young lad living in Tottenham, supporting Spurs and Ipswich and he’s not “ITK”, mind you I got this information from another ‘ITK’ so I’m not quite sure if this is true.

Anyway, Agent Jim didn’t have that much new information. Take a look at his tweets:

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If the ‘kid’ placed a bet on you not knowing what on earth you’re talking about, I think he won. Well done kiddo!

…at least he knows how to spell the names…
Oh wait, Higuaín*.

Ben Fairthorne

We all know this guy, right? If you don’t, you’re probably not on twitter. If you are and you somehow managed to avoid this guy, you deserve an award. Well done, take a bow!

Check out some of his tweets:

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Le sigh.
Keep up the good work Ben, you’re doing great!


For your information, this guy claims to have Pat Rice in his list of contacts on his phone. Just so you know, here’s what his sources told him:

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Three things. 1. Who’s Gamez? 2. I think Gustavo really did prefer Wolfsburg 3. What happened to Suárez?

Nice try though,


You introduced me to this guy. Here are two of his tweets:

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WIlliams? No. Cesar? No. Nani? No. Gervinho? Yeah, he actually left.


Some of you believe this guy is trustworthy, others believe he’s worse than Indy. Some of you like him, others don’t.

Here are a few of his tweets:

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Is someone trying to be better than Geoff?


Now that I’ve mentioned him anyway, let’s look at some of his tweets. Some people hate him, others love him. Some people believe he always has everything right, others believe he’s just talking. Here’s a few tweets from Geoff:

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Say whatever you want about Geoff, he’s always politically correct in his responses.


There were more accounts claiming to have inside information. Here are a few tweets:

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Funny Moments

The Abou Diaby outside a mosque tweet:


Opinion Dan versus O2:

The Joey Barton to West Ham rumours:


Oh and there was this wee argument between WayneGooney18 and OpinionDan:


And people talking about it:



I think it’s safe to say 99% do not have a clue what on earth they’re on about. Those who may have a guy on the inside make mistakes as well. Truth of the matter is, no deal is done until either the player, the club or the player’s former club confirmed it. Yes, speculation is fun and it keeps us all entertained, but is it really worth it? Do these guys really deserves this much attention? The worst part is we can’t seem to help ourselves, we want to believe their rumours so bad. I personally find most of the ITKs annoying as f*ck, yet after speaking to some of them, they were actually quite nice. Most of them think they actually have the power to change Arsenal’s plans, others genuinely believe this is the way to help fellow fans and to keep them updated and a few actually believe they know what’s going on, when they don’t.

It’s up to you if you still believe ITKs, or people who claim to be ITK. Please consider your heart and your feelings before making your decision and please realise that abuse is not the way to go. It doesn’t matter who it is, what they claim to be or why they do it, they are people and they don’t deserve to receive threats (and those who do, only deserve it because they’re challenging you and they want your attention, if you really hate them that much, don’t give them the attention).

Tonight will be Part II of the ITK saga, which will include your views on the matter
(you can still send an email with your views to ohtobeagoonerette@gmail.com)

More pictures will be added to the galleries throughout the weekend.

Thank you so much for all the RTs and Shares. Keep it up!
Thank you to everyone who’s sent me emails with screencaps, I am still trying to get through all of them -which is why more pictures will be added throughout the weekend- I received 1042 emails from you guys so far and hopefully even more after you read this post.

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Results will be posted in Part III (this Sunday) in which we’ll reveal who’s helped out with the screencaptures!

Week in review: Monday (05/08/2013) – Sunday (11/08/2013)

I asked Gooners to describe last week in a tweet. Here are a few replies:
@garyprince: Underwhelming.
@Tyler25Herron: so f*cking nervous! Faith is slowly dying.
@Rawashdehzaid: sh*t.
@AdrianDunphy: frustrating.
@nboland1989: encouraging.
@John_AFC_Gooner: Untouchable.

Let’s review this week.

Transfer Talk:
Monday – 05/08/2013
– Schalke striker Marica to join Arsenal
– Gervinho’s off to Roma
– Sebastian Perez Cardona reportedly on trial
– Malaga still interested in Bendtner

Tuesday – 06/08/2013
– Suárez ‘injured’
– Gervinho training with Roma, no confirmation yet
–  El Jadeyaoui reportedly on trial
– Rooney, Bale ‘injured’ as well

Wednesday – 07/08/2013

Thursday – 08/08/2013
– Liverpool claim, again, that Suárez is not for sale
– Rooney to Arsenal seems more likely
– El Jadeyaoui signed for Arsenal

Friday – 09/08/2013
– Gustavo to join Arsenal
– Suárez in talks with Liverpool manager Rodgers
– Rooney will ‘most likely’ join Arsenal

Saturday – 10/08/2013
– Gustavo fee has been agreed
– John W. Henry and Brendan Rodgers are high and/or drunk (Suárez is still not for sale)
– Cavani slammed Liverpool in Irish Mirror

Sunday – 11/08/2013
– Uchida (Schalke) RB – Target
– Gustavo (Bayern Munchen) DM-Close (Fee Agreed)

Confirmed News:
Monday – 05/08/2013
– This season marks the 100th anniversary of Arsenal’s move to Islington.
– Theo Walcott said he was encouraged by Sanogo’s (debut) performance during the Emirates Cup.
– Arsenal Media have announced a new show “The Clock End”, starting Monday 12th of August on Arsenal Player.

Tuesday – 06/08/2013
– The Arsenal Ladies are playing Everton Ladies in the semi final of the Continental Cup this Thursday at 7:45PM.
– Bacary Sagna says his assured displays at centre back have been down to a ‘love of learning’.
– Arsenal XI will take on Colchester United in final pre-season friendly on August 13.
– Arsenal U21s opening match at Stoke, has been rearranged for Monday, August 19.

Wednesday – 07/08/2013
– A year ago today Santi Cazorla signed for Arsenal
– 14 years ago today Thierry Henry made his Arsenal Debut
– Arsenal could face Real Sociedad, Pacas de Ferreira, Fenerbahce, Metalist Kharkiv or PSV Eindhoven

Thursday – 08/08/2013
– Our amazing Arsenal Ladies reached the final of the Continental Cup for the third year in a row! Our Ladies won the Continental Cup every single time.Arsenal Ladies goalscorers: Nobbs (’8), Carter (’35), White (’40) and Houghton (’56). Assists by Yankey (Nobbs and Carter goals) and Davison (Houghton goal).
-Arsenal Ladies are facing Lincoln Ladies in the final of the Continental Cup.
– Chuba Akpom says it’s important to stay grounded.
– The Junior Gunners (celebrating their 30th anniversary this season) have beaten the first team (with Theo Walcott switching sides halfway through the game).
– Gervinho has completed his move to Roma.

Friday – 09/08/2013
– Arsenal will play Fenerbahce in the Champions League play offs.
– Arsenal has arrived in Helsinki ahead of the pre-season friendly versus Manchester City.
– The Boss says that Arsenal will act respectfully and amicably in the transfer market.
– New Arsenal Ladies signing Mitchell said that she couldn’t turn the down the opportunity to play for Arsenal.

Saturday – 10/08/2013
– Arsenal have won their last pre-season friendly in Helsinki versus Manchester City with 3-1. Goals from Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud. Goalscorer for Manchester City was Negredo.
– Fellow Gooner Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000m at the World Athletic Championships.
– Arsenal Ladies are back in action tomorrow versus Everton in the FA Women’s Super League.
– The First Team are back in London.

Sunday – 11/08/2013
– Our Arsenal Ladies won 5-0 from Everton Ladies. Goals: Carter, Little (pen), Carter, Davison and Nobbs.

Bring on next week!


Diary of a Gooner: Saturday – August 10th, 2013

Some Liverpool fans are a disgrace to their club. Then again, they’d fit right in with John W. Henry and Brendan Rodgers.

Today’s hottest topics? Gustavo, Perez and the Liverpool versus Suárez saga continues.

(Internet) rumour has it that a Gustavo fee has been agreed! Gooners reacted in three ways, they either did not care, they accused Arsenal of panic buying (again) or they were, sorta, satisfied. This story has not been confirmed.

Perez made an unexpected debut today in our game versus City in Helsinki. I’d say, well done to the lad. At first Gooners were outraged, after they’d actually seen him play their opinions changed. Though most Gooners still agree we have an extremely thin squad, the majority of Gooner were rather satisfied with Perez and how he played, especially how he took Navas down.

Back to Suárez. Where to start?
John W. Henry promised Liverpool fans that Suárez would stay at Liverpool and took it a step further by saying Liverpool will win the league again and that the club is aiming for trophies and a Top 4 place (who’s smoking, what and where John?).
Just in case you somehow managed to miss the message, manager Rodgers has told fans and press, after Liverpool lost 1-0 to Celtic in Dublin, that Suárez is NOT for sale. No sh*t. He then continued and stated that Suárez must apologise to his teammates (maybe you should stop drinking Guinness Brendan?).
Gooners, and most football fans, basically said that this confirms Liverpool is classless, for mentioning Arsenal and doing it in public, and that they’re smoking something at Liverpool FC, though we’re not quite sure what yet.
That’s not the end of today’s story though! The Irish Mirror published an interview with Suárez’s international teammate Cavani, in which Cavani said: “The Liverpool coach can talk about loyalty and disrespect, but maybe he needs to look up what it means,” – ouch – Cavani continued by saying he knew about the agreement Suárez had with Liverpool and that Suárez showed loyalty when he turned down an offer from Juventus to stay at Liverpool and fight for the Champions League spot. That’s got to hurt.

In other news, Arsenal have won their last pre-season friendly in Helsinki versus Manchester City with 3-1. Goals from Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud. Goalscorer for Manchester City was Negredo. – Fellow Gooner Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000m at the World Athletic Championships. – Arsenal Ladies are back in action tomorrow versus Everton in the FA Women’s Super League. – The First Team are back in London.

See you tomorrow!


Cavani interview Irish Mirror

Diary of a Gooner: Thursday – July 25th, 2013

It’s been a slow day, rumour wise. That doesn’t stop Gooners from tweeting though. Today’s hottest stories? Bernard and Suarez closer to joining Arsenal, angry Liverpool fans and Higuaín might not be joining Napoli after all.

ITKs and media are reporting that both Bernard and Suárez are close to joining Arsenal. Which got quite a few Gooners rather excited, though there are still some Gooners who believe the Boss won’t spend any money and that we’re doomed. While the media and ITKs were rambling on about strikers, some Gooners started talking about how we’re in “desperate need” of a defender, a goalkeeper and a midfielder. To keep it simple they “don’t care who we sign”, but not him, nor him and we definitely do not want that guy!

As I said yesterday, Higuaín arrived in Italy and apparently signed. However, tonight’s presentation has been cancelled. As you may have guessed Gooners are going mental. Some because they think that must mean that we’re signing him, others because some Gooners now believe we will sign Higuaín.

While some Gooners are joking about, the media is now slamming Arsenal for paying too much for a player (with our own money, without a sugar daddy and without getting into debt, thank you very much). Arsenal can’t win. When we don’t spend, we’re cheap and not willing to compete. When we do spend (or when rumours are stating that we’re about to spend), we’re ruining football because we’re spending too much.

To lighten the mood… Ever since the £40,000,000+£1 story, Gooners have been joking around and Liverpool fans have been pissed off. According to some Liverpool fans Arsenal would be a step down for Luis Suárez. Gooners hit back by pointing out that we finished 4th and are playing Champion’s League football and Liverpool… Well they’re not. Spurs fans joined Liverpool fans and several of them have said that there was no point in playing Champion’s League football if you got no chance of winning it, to which Gooners laughed and asked why on earth Spurs were still playing Premier League football. Admittedly pissing off Spurs fans is always a great feeling and to be honest Liverpool fans are hilarious when they’re angry and they’re rather easy to piss off. What made my day was a Liverpool fan practically begging a Spurs fan to stay out of the conversation, because “Liverpool has class, history and talent”, and ending it with “and your just a sh*t club near Arsenal”.

In other news, the Arsenal Ladies won 10-0 from West Ham Ladies in a pre season friendly. Well done Ladies! – Mikel Arteta and Bacary Sagna had a sushi lesson. – Carl Jenkinson sang at a fan party. – Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker dressed up and learned the ways of the samurai. – Tomas Rosicky believes Olivier Giroud will be even better next season.