Arsenal Ladies F.C. – Honours

As many of you know, I’ve always loved the Arsenal Ladies and I personally believe the Ladies deserve more attention than they’re actually getting –get ready for this, because it’s A LOT!

Arsenal Ladies F.C. was founded in 1987 and have won 60 trophies so far (in all fairness, 15/60 are somewhat smaller trophies).

clip_image002UEFA Women’s Cup Winners – 2007
Name changed to Women’s Champions League.

clip_image004FA Women’s Super League Champions – 2011, 2012
Founded: 2011
Arsenal Ladies are (quite obviously) the most successful club in the league’s three years history:
Winners: 2x.
Liverpool won in 2013.

clip_image006FA Women’s Premier League Champions – 1993, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Founded: 1991/1992
In 2011 the top tier of women’s football (in England) was named the Women’s Super League.
Arsenal Ladies are the most successful club in the league’s history:
Winners: 12x
Runners-up: 3x
Second most successful club are Charlton Athletic: Winners -3x. Runners-up -2x.

clip_image008FA WSL Continental Cup Winners – 2011, 2012, 2013
Founded in 2011
Yes, Arsenal Ladies are the most successful club in this Cup’s history.
Winners: 3x

clip_image010FA Women’s Cup Winners – 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013
Founded: 1970
Arsenal Ladies are the most successful club in the FA Cup’s history:
Winners: 12x
Runners-up: 1x
Second most successful club in the Cup’s history is Southampton (winners 8x, runners-up 3x) though the last time they won was 1981.

clip_image012FA Women’s Premier League Cup Winners – 1992, 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2009
Founded: 1991/1992
Arsenal Ladies are the most successful club in the Cup’s history:
Winners: 10x
Runners-up: 3x
Second most successful club in the Cup’s history is Charlton Athletic (winners 2x, runners-up 2x)

clip_image014FA Women’s Community Shield Winners – 2000 (shared with Charlton Athletic), 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008
Founded: 2000
Arsenal Ladies are the most successful club in the Shield’s history:
Winners: 5x (okay, one was shared)
Runners-up: 2x.
Second most successful club in the Shield’s history is Charlton Athletic (winners 2x –one shared, runners-up 1x)
Held: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008
Not held: 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

London County FA Women’s Cup Winners – 10x.
National League South Champions – 1x (1992)
Highfield Cup – 1x (1991)
Reebok Cup – 2x (1992 and 1996)
AXA Challenge Cup – 1x (1999)

I told you it was a lot didn’t I? Exactly. As these statistics show, Arsenal are basically the most successful club in almost every single Cup or League.

Can we now start appreciating the Ladies a bit more?

Next posts –in no particular order:
· Arsenal Ladies – Squad
· Arsenal Ladies – Staff
· Arsenal Ladies – Player statistics 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 (so far)
· Arsenal Ladies – Cups, games, goals.
· Arsenal Ladies – Videos, collages, pictures

See you soon.


They claim to be “In The Know”, but are they? – Part III – Results

After a lot of research, saving images, talking to ITKs, talking to you, writing about it, asking you to get involved, creating polls and most importantly getting blocked by several ITKs -my heart’s broken- I think it’s about time I show you guys who won/lost the 6 polls I created.

Let’s start with the three polls that were only open for 6 hours:

Who do/did you follow: 

Who do you still believe: 

Who is the best: 

Now for the other three:

Who was the most frustrating: 


Who was the most disappointing: 


Who’s the worst: 


Do you agree/disagree with the outcome?

Also, a massive thank you to the one who chose me as the worst, most disappointing and most frustrating ITK, I didn’t even know I was ITK, so thank you!

Diary of a Gooner: Wednesday – August 14th, 2013

International games, both friendlies and World Cup Qualifiers. Quite a lot of Arsenal players were selected for their national teams. Unfortunately Sagna got injured -no confirmation yet.

Today’s hottest topics? Gustavo and Suárez.

If you think the Suárez saga was a never ending story, Gustavo seems to be going the same way. One thing’s for sure Gustavo wants to leave Bayern. As I said yesterday, Arsenal and Napoli are both interested, but we’re not alone. Barcelona and Wolfsburg are interested as well. Gooners lost it after hearing that, especially the group of Gooners who complained he wasn’t good enough. It got worse when a German newspaper reported that Gustavo had signed for Wolfsburg and would get 115k a week. Judging by the reactions of some Gooners, Gustavo will be the most important signing ever. Unfortunately for the dramaqueens, both Wolfsburg and Gustavo denied the rumours.

Suárez then. A journalist said that Suárez and Liverpool had agreed on a new contract. Gooners started crying and complaining. Turns out this journalist knows more than Luis Suárez, because he claimed he still wants to leave Liverpool. Phew, sign him up!

In other news, Arsenal has a new membership, and it’s free, Digital Membership, with access to exclusive footage on Arsenal Player. – 17 years ago, Patrick Vieira signed for Arsenal. – Aaron Ramsey is back on twitter.

See you soon.


Week in review: Monday (05/08/2013) – Sunday (11/08/2013)

I asked Gooners to describe last week in a tweet. Here are a few replies:
@garyprince: Underwhelming.
@Tyler25Herron: so f*cking nervous! Faith is slowly dying.
@Rawashdehzaid: sh*t.
@AdrianDunphy: frustrating.
@nboland1989: encouraging.
@John_AFC_Gooner: Untouchable.

Let’s review this week.

Transfer Talk:
Monday – 05/08/2013
– Schalke striker Marica to join Arsenal
– Gervinho’s off to Roma
– Sebastian Perez Cardona reportedly on trial
– Malaga still interested in Bendtner

Tuesday – 06/08/2013
– Suárez ‘injured’
– Gervinho training with Roma, no confirmation yet
–  El Jadeyaoui reportedly on trial
– Rooney, Bale ‘injured’ as well

Wednesday – 07/08/2013

Thursday – 08/08/2013
– Liverpool claim, again, that Suárez is not for sale
– Rooney to Arsenal seems more likely
– El Jadeyaoui signed for Arsenal

Friday – 09/08/2013
– Gustavo to join Arsenal
– Suárez in talks with Liverpool manager Rodgers
– Rooney will ‘most likely’ join Arsenal

Saturday – 10/08/2013
– Gustavo fee has been agreed
– John W. Henry and Brendan Rodgers are high and/or drunk (Suárez is still not for sale)
– Cavani slammed Liverpool in Irish Mirror

Sunday – 11/08/2013
– Uchida (Schalke) RB – Target
– Gustavo (Bayern Munchen) DM-Close (Fee Agreed)

Confirmed News:
Monday – 05/08/2013
– This season marks the 100th anniversary of Arsenal’s move to Islington.
– Theo Walcott said he was encouraged by Sanogo’s (debut) performance during the Emirates Cup.
– Arsenal Media have announced a new show “The Clock End”, starting Monday 12th of August on Arsenal Player.

Tuesday – 06/08/2013
– The Arsenal Ladies are playing Everton Ladies in the semi final of the Continental Cup this Thursday at 7:45PM.
– Bacary Sagna says his assured displays at centre back have been down to a ‘love of learning’.
– Arsenal XI will take on Colchester United in final pre-season friendly on August 13.
– Arsenal U21s opening match at Stoke, has been rearranged for Monday, August 19.

Wednesday – 07/08/2013
– A year ago today Santi Cazorla signed for Arsenal
– 14 years ago today Thierry Henry made his Arsenal Debut
– Arsenal could face Real Sociedad, Pacas de Ferreira, Fenerbahce, Metalist Kharkiv or PSV Eindhoven

Thursday – 08/08/2013
– Our amazing Arsenal Ladies reached the final of the Continental Cup for the third year in a row! Our Ladies won the Continental Cup every single time.Arsenal Ladies goalscorers: Nobbs (’8), Carter (’35), White (’40) and Houghton (’56). Assists by Yankey (Nobbs and Carter goals) and Davison (Houghton goal).
-Arsenal Ladies are facing Lincoln Ladies in the final of the Continental Cup.
– Chuba Akpom says it’s important to stay grounded.
– The Junior Gunners (celebrating their 30th anniversary this season) have beaten the first team (with Theo Walcott switching sides halfway through the game).
– Gervinho has completed his move to Roma.

Friday – 09/08/2013
– Arsenal will play Fenerbahce in the Champions League play offs.
– Arsenal has arrived in Helsinki ahead of the pre-season friendly versus Manchester City.
– The Boss says that Arsenal will act respectfully and amicably in the transfer market.
– New Arsenal Ladies signing Mitchell said that she couldn’t turn the down the opportunity to play for Arsenal.

Saturday – 10/08/2013
– Arsenal have won their last pre-season friendly in Helsinki versus Manchester City with 3-1. Goals from Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud. Goalscorer for Manchester City was Negredo.
– Fellow Gooner Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000m at the World Athletic Championships.
– Arsenal Ladies are back in action tomorrow versus Everton in the FA Women’s Super League.
– The First Team are back in London.

Sunday – 11/08/2013
– Our Arsenal Ladies won 5-0 from Everton Ladies. Goals: Carter, Little (pen), Carter, Davison and Nobbs.

Bring on next week!


Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – August 6th, 2013

Suárez, Rooney and Bale are all “injured”, wonder if they have the same injury as a certain former Arsenal player had. I think it’s a typical case of the “nope. Get me outta here” injury. Wonder how we can get Bendtner “injured”…

Today’s hottest topics? A religious man, claiming to be a Gooner, praying for Wenger to get brain cancer, Suárez, Gervinho, El Jadeyaoui and Mikel Arteta. Oh, and angry Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham fans.

Let’s start with the plastic fan. This man tweeted, right after he tweeted two rather religious tweets stating that he’s proud to believe in God (his English is terrible, but that’s what he was trying to say), “If wenger should fail to land suarez frm lfc to afc..I pray he wenger develops cancer of the brain and resign!!” (I warned you about his English). Gooners, and other football fans, were outraged. Saying that this is absolutely ridiculous, this man shouldn’t call himself a Gooner, this man is an embarrassment to all Gooners and some hit back saying they wish this man himself got cancer. I agree with all the outraged Gooners and football fans. However, to the small group of idiots wishing this guy gets cancer, thank you for making it a pot/kettle story, much appreciated.

Suárez then. He’s injured. Or so we’ve been told. He’s considering taking legal steps to get out of Liverpool. Or so we’ve been told. The Guardian has an ‘explosive’ interview with Suárez (link to the interview is at the bottom). Gooners still disagree when it comes to Suárez. Some want him to join, because he’s a world class striker and the Boss can turn his behaviour around. Others don’t want him to join, because of his behaviour and let’s just forget he’s a world class striker. I guess it’s clear now that Suárez really does want to leave Liverpool. It’s also obvious that Liverpool do not want to let him go. Will he be able to force a move? It sure does look like it. At least he’s open and honest about it and he it wasn’t just one good season after seven years full of injuries!

Gervinho is training with Roma, however the club couldn’t announce him yet because there are some issues with the number of non-EU players the club already has. Gooners were complaining about Arsenal being extremely slow with this bit of transfer news, ITKs were completely lost as to why it hadn’t been announced yet and now we know. It was hilarious to see how the ITKs were completely clueless though.

 El Jadeyaoui. Yes that guy. If you can’t pronounce his last name, that’s okay. We’re all waiting to hear English football commentators giving it a go. Anyway, it’s been reported that he’s in London for a trial. With Arsenal. Some Gooners had a public mental breakdown, saying the club should sign quality signing instead of these young footballers who aren’t good enough. Others realised it’s just a two day trial and wishing the young player the best of luck.

Mikel Arteta has stated that he expects signings this season, though he also said most of these signings will be last minute. Gooners were excited about this news, it calmed most of them down as well. Well, most of them, some still managed to complain about the Boss being clueless and us ending up with a bunch of idiots without talent.

Suárez: injured. Rooney: injured. Bale: injured. Liverpool fans: angry, scared and frustrated. Manchester United fans: angry, scared and frustrated. Tottenham fans: angry, scared and frustrated. Now before I start making fun of them, I want to say one thing. To all the Liverpool and Tottenham fans who didn’t make fun of upset Gooners when our best player and striker left us last summer, if they do leave, we understand how you feel and we promise it’ll get better. To Manchester United fans and the other Liverpool and Tottenham fans: I hope it f*cking hurts, what goes around comes around, Karma’s a b*tch and all that. Oh and maybe this can help you guys out: If you want the guy to stay, you probably shouldn’t send threats and abuse his way. Apparently that doesn’t work. Just a thought.

In other news, The Arsenal Ladies are playing Everton Ladies in the semi final of the Continental Cup this Thursday at 7:45PM. – Bacary Sagna says his assured displays at centre back have been down to a ‘love of learning’. – Arsenal XI will take on Colchester United in final pre-season friendly on August 13. – Arsenal U21s opening match at Stoke, has been rearranged for Monday, August 19.

Good luck fangirling over Suárez everyone!


The Guardian: Suárez Interview

Week in review: Monday (29/07/2013) – Sunday (04-08-2013)

I asked Gooners to describe last week in one tweet, here are a view reactions:
@GavinMontana: angry that wenger & board have mis managed our great club by showing a lack of ambition
@Monty_h: same old same old. Even Drogba scored against us again! It’s like being stuck in a time warp!
@JackSmith710: Patient.
@JohnNorthLondon: excruciating!!!
@oliverhedley14: cheated
@arsenaldiaby: “relieved” that Gervinho and Chamakh are gone..
@Gunners_Forward: Patience

Let’s review this week!

Transfer Talk:
Monday – 29/07/2013
– £42,5m bid for Suárez
– No bid made for Bernard
– Bendtner only cares about money, according to Malaga
– Chamakh off to Palace
– Gervinho off to Roma

Tuesday – 30/07/2013
– Ridiculous £85m bid for Bale, by Madrid
– Suárez to join on loan deal
– Fàbregas ‘done’

Wednesday – 31/07/2013
– Third Fàbregas bid by United rejected
– Suárez is crucial for Liverpool’s success, according to Gerrard

Thursday – 01/08/2013
– £40m+£1 was deal between Arsenal and Suárez
– F.C. Twente interested in Bendtner
– Arsenal promised to bid for Bernard, but never did

Friday – 02/08/2013
– Arsenal interested in Eriksen
– Suáres ‘wants to join’ Arsenal

Saturday and Sunday – 03/08/2013 and 04/08/2013
Due to personal and medical issues, these two days have been skipped.

Confirmed News:
Monday – 29/07/2013
Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Christian ‘Chucho’ Benítez, our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Benítez passed away, aged 27. Rest in peace Chucho.

Tuesday – 30/07/2013
– 100% record in Asia helped breed confidence, according to Koscielny
– Podolski has a special noise “Aha”
– Wilshere praised youngsters after Asia Tour
– Asia Tour enhanced image of the club worldwide
– Sanogo and Cazorla trained with the first team
– All youth games will be played at Meadow Park starting this season
– Arsenal XI 4-4 Leyton Orient

Wednesday – 31/07/2013
– Eboué is still in love with Arsenal
– Announcement of Google+ hangout with Arsène Wenger

Thursday – 01/08/2013
– Arsenal Ladies club captain Kelly Smith appointed as player-coach
– The New Away kit is in stores
– Isaac Hayden is ready for a loan deal to gain first team experience

Friday – 02/08/2013
– Olsson says Rosicky helps him to become a better player
– Sanogo and Cazorla to future at the Emirates Cup
– Wilshere available for Emirates Cup
– Vermaelen out for 6 more weeks
– Monreal expected back in training on Monday
– Arsène Wenger confident about signings

Saturday – August 3rd, 2013
– The Arsenal Ladies won their FA WSL game versus Liverpool Ladies with 3-0. Jordan Nobbs (x2) and Alex Scott secured the win for the Arsenal Ladies.
– Arsenal XI lost 7-0 in their game versus Luton Town.
– On August 3rd 1999, Arsenal FC signed Thierry Henry.

Emirates Cup News:
– The Arsenal team: Fabianski – Jenkinson – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Gibbs – Ramsey – Wilshere – Rosicky – Gnabry – Podolski – Giroud.
– The Arsenal substitutes: Martinez – Sagna – Miquel – Arteta – Zelalem – Oxlade-Chamberlain – Walcott – Akpom.
– Halftime score: Arsenal 0-2 Napoli.
– Fulltime score: Arsenal 2-2 Napoli.

Sunday – August 4th, 2013
Emirates Cup News:
– The Arsenal team: Szczesny – Jenkinson – Sagna – Mertesacker – Gibbs – Arteta- Ramsey – Oxlade-Chamberlain – Cazorla – Walcott – Sanogo.
– The Arsenal substitutes: Martinez – Miquel – Koscielny – Zelalem – Podolski – Giroud – Akpom.
– Galatasaray: Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Eboue appointed as captain.
– Halftime score: Arsenal 1-0 Galatasaray,
– Fulltime score: Arsenal 1-2 Galatasaray.

Bring on next week!


Diary of a Gooner: Friday – August 2nd, 2013

Fans turning on a manager who’s protecting and supporting his own players, because f*ck logic and that pretty much sums up today.

Today’s hottest topics? Wenger’s press conference, Soldado, Eriksen and the Suárez rumours continue.

The Boss gave a press conference today, ahead of the Emirates Cup, and as you may have expected there was a Gooner meltdown. Apparently the Boss has lost the plot, he’s clueless, he shows no signs of change, it’s the same bullsh*t as last year etc. etc.. Most people only bothered reading the quotes on twitter instead of watching the whole press conference. Those who watched the press conference were worried a bit, but most were rather optimistic, being fully aware of the fact that this is how the Boss handles press conferences and rumours. However, he admitted he knew who Suárez was! See, sometimes things do change!

Someone started a rumour on twitter that Soldado had failed his medical with Spurs. Of course Gooners started joking around, admittedly, it would’ve been absolutely hilarious. Spurs fans, obviously, got angry, which made it even funnier. Later today the rumours were denied. We still enjoyed ourselves.

Several social media sources claimed that Arsenal are interested in Ajax Amsterdam star Christian Eriksen. Most Gooners would like to see Eriksen in an Arsenal shirt, despite realising that this rumour was probably false. If it happens, I will be pleased and I know many Gooners would be happy. If it doesn’t, at least we know these sources can not be trusted, okay okay, we already knew that.

Back to Suárez. Several ITKs are claiming Suárez “wants to join Arsenal”, he’s got his lawyers working on it and apparently he’s handed in (another) transfer request. Gooners were already excited because the Boss himself admitted he knew who Suárez was, so most were over the moon after hearing Suárez wants to join our club. Liverpool fans on the other hand… They are absolutely hilarious when they’re angry, and they were angry. In case you think Gooners will eventually get bored of constantly laughing at Spurs, and Liverpool in this transfer window, you’re wrong. Gooners are enjoying this. A lot.

In other news, Olsson says Rosicky is helping him to be a better player. – Boss said that Sanogo and Cazorla will future in the Emirates Cup. – Wilshere will be available as well. – Vermaelen out for 6 more weeks. – Monreal expected back in training on Monday. – The Boss believes our younger players are on their way up after gaining Premier League experience. – The Boss is confident about signing someone before the transfer window closes. – Emmanuel Eboué is back at the Emirates. – Lukas Podolski’s new noise is ‘aha’. Well at least it’s less annoying than Frimpong’s DENCH.

See you tomorrow.


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