They claim to be “In The Know”, but are they? – Part I – Tweets

We’ve all seen them, even if we didn’t care it was impossible to avoid them… ITKs. People who claim to have inside sources at a football club, people who claim to be BFF with football agents and/or claim to be related to football players. They get our hopes up and disappoint us.

I decided to save screencaptures of their tweets, just to see who was right/wrong at the end of the transfer window.

Here’s Part I – What did they tweet?


I think every single one of us knows he’s a fraud by now. For those who aren’t quite convinced, here are just a few of Indy’s tweets:

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I don’t even know where to start… Let’s move on.


For those who’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that Ree wrote a post about WayneGooney18, also known as ‘abrokediaby’. In case you are not familiar with either one of these accounts -we all envy you- here are  a few tweets:


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So boys, where is Cesc? Or Higuaín/Rooney/Fellaini/Cesar?

In case you want to contact either WayneGooney18 or abrokediaby, both accounts are either deleted or suspended. I guess we’ll never know why Cesc didn’t join and why we never signed a striker…


Some believe him, some don’t. Here’s a few of Dan’s tweets:

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Couple of things, it’s Higuaín* and you were right. The deal’s done, unfortunately not with Arsenal.
Both Rooney and Fellaini are playing for Manchester United this season.
Arsène Wenger confirmed we were actually in for Suárez*.
Unless Cesar changed his name to Viviano, I’m pretty sure that deal wasn’t done.

Agent Jim

Apparently Agent Jim is a young lad living in Tottenham, supporting Spurs and Ipswich and he’s not “ITK”, mind you I got this information from another ‘ITK’ so I’m not quite sure if this is true.

Anyway, Agent Jim didn’t have that much new information. Take a look at his tweets:

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If the ‘kid’ placed a bet on you not knowing what on earth you’re talking about, I think he won. Well done kiddo!

…at least he knows how to spell the names…
Oh wait, Higuaín*.

Ben Fairthorne

We all know this guy, right? If you don’t, you’re probably not on twitter. If you are and you somehow managed to avoid this guy, you deserve an award. Well done, take a bow!

Check out some of his tweets:

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Le sigh.
Keep up the good work Ben, you’re doing great!


For your information, this guy claims to have Pat Rice in his list of contacts on his phone. Just so you know, here’s what his sources told him:

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Three things. 1. Who’s Gamez? 2. I think Gustavo really did prefer Wolfsburg 3. What happened to Suárez?

Nice try though,


You introduced me to this guy. Here are two of his tweets:

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WIlliams? No. Cesar? No. Nani? No. Gervinho? Yeah, he actually left.


Some of you believe this guy is trustworthy, others believe he’s worse than Indy. Some of you like him, others don’t.

Here are a few of his tweets:

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Is someone trying to be better than Geoff?


Now that I’ve mentioned him anyway, let’s look at some of his tweets. Some people hate him, others love him. Some people believe he always has everything right, others believe he’s just talking. Here’s a few tweets from Geoff:

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Say whatever you want about Geoff, he’s always politically correct in his responses.


There were more accounts claiming to have inside information. Here are a few tweets:

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Funny Moments

The Abou Diaby outside a mosque tweet:


Opinion Dan versus O2:

The Joey Barton to West Ham rumours:


Oh and there was this wee argument between WayneGooney18 and OpinionDan:


And people talking about it:



I think it’s safe to say 99% do not have a clue what on earth they’re on about. Those who may have a guy on the inside make mistakes as well. Truth of the matter is, no deal is done until either the player, the club or the player’s former club confirmed it. Yes, speculation is fun and it keeps us all entertained, but is it really worth it? Do these guys really deserves this much attention? The worst part is we can’t seem to help ourselves, we want to believe their rumours so bad. I personally find most of the ITKs annoying as f*ck, yet after speaking to some of them, they were actually quite nice. Most of them think they actually have the power to change Arsenal’s plans, others genuinely believe this is the way to help fellow fans and to keep them updated and a few actually believe they know what’s going on, when they don’t.

It’s up to you if you still believe ITKs, or people who claim to be ITK. Please consider your heart and your feelings before making your decision and please realise that abuse is not the way to go. It doesn’t matter who it is, what they claim to be or why they do it, they are people and they don’t deserve to receive threats (and those who do, only deserve it because they’re challenging you and they want your attention, if you really hate them that much, don’t give them the attention).

Tonight will be Part II of the ITK saga, which will include your views on the matter
(you can still send an email with your views to

More pictures will be added to the galleries throughout the weekend.

Thank you so much for all the RTs and Shares. Keep it up!
Thank you to everyone who’s sent me emails with screencaps, I am still trying to get through all of them -which is why more pictures will be added throughout the weekend- I received 1042 emails from you guys so far and hopefully even more after you read this post.

Don’t forget to vote on the polls!
Results will be posted in Part III (this Sunday) in which we’ll reveal who’s helped out with the screencaptures!


OhToBeAGooner(ette): Info on ITK Post and ITK Polls.


I promised to upload some extra information regarding the post I’m working on…

The post is about ITKs, people who claim to be “In The Know”.

Over the last few weeks/months I’ve been keeping track of Arsenal rumours and those screaming them the loudest on everyone’s favourite social media website, Twitter. I carefully wrote down names, tweets, more names, prices and made a lot of screencaptures to use later on.

I personally think that someone should’ve done this earlier, because these people are annoying and ruin the transfer window for me.

What can you do to help?

1. If you have any screencaptures of an ITK tweeting about an Arsenal signing being “done”, “transfer fee has been agreed”, “completed his medical”, “will be revealed soon” etc. let me know!

2. If you know someone who has tweeted a lot of screencaps that meet 1.’s requirements, let me know!

3. If you want to have your say on ITKs or one ITK, let me know!

4. Share this post wherever you can, let’s make it a group effort.

How do you let me know?
Twitter: @EvaMcL3

I will give credit to everyone who helped out. However, I will ask you if you want me to post your name, if you want to stay anonymous, that’s okay too.

Thank you so much for reading this in the first place, and a special thank you to everyone who’s already worked hard to help out.

One more thing. Could you answer these three polls?

Love, Eva

Diary of a Gooner by GoonerGolazo: ‘A broke Diaby’ to ‘Wayne Gooney’, what’s next?

A little bit about WayneGooney..
In the world of Arsenal, the last thing we’d want is false transfer news that would crush our dreams when we find out it will not come to fruition. So why on earth do some people have the urge to make stuff up? Does it make you feel good? I doubt it. This is about a young lad currently named on Twitter @waynegooney18 . Over the past few months I have seen him change from a fellow Arsenal fan who was tweeting for fun to an ‘ITK’. Now what caused that? I don’t know. For followers? Maybe. His first Twitter handle was named @Game or something along the lines. He was lovely then. Few weeks after that he changed it to ‘@AbrokeDiaby’. Having close ties to the man himself I was not so happy to see the handle, nonetheless. Now what did he do wrong? Becoming someone he isn’t. In other words he knows f*ck all.

What did he say?
During the early stages of June, rumours had it that Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney were available to sign for Arsenal. Many reliables on twitter inc: @GeoffArsenal and @DLDN22 claimed that they could be at Arsenal this summer. So where did @WayneGooney18 go wrong here? He had basically told the world of Twitter that Cesc Fàbregas had categorically signed for The Arsenal, occupying the #4 and that personal terms had been agreed with Wayne Rooney. First of all, his claim on Rooney is wrong. I don’t know where he gets this info from- He’s perhaps related to Ben Fairthorne or Inderpal Kaila, who knows? Let’s just get things straight on Rooney. NO contract has been offered yet, but the bid remains in place. Expect no movement until a transfer request has been made by Rooney. This can also be supported by the Mighty Geoff on twitter. Now regarding Cesc Fàbregas? Everything he says, is complete nonsense. If he had signed he cannot train with Barcelona, let alone play friendlies. The last I heard on Cesc? It’s hit a snag, he wants to give it one more season, but indications from some other reliables on twitter is that it’s still a possibility,however its not DONE-SIGNED OR ANYTHING of sort. I suggest you to stay away from @WayneGooney18 claims as he knows zilch. In fact people are betting ridiculous amount of money (on Cesc to Arsenal) because of his claims and some may be disappointed at the end.

The truth about Wayne Gooney.
Like I said, he is a fraud looking for Twitter fame, that shall not last long anyway. Does he have info though? Really? No. When he started his ITK movements, he followed @OpinionDan , @Dialsquare_1886 and me. He constantly asked us for info with his ‘AbrokeDiaby’ account. During the DM conversations, he cited Opinion Dan as his source, which made me suspicious, obviously, This is because I was told, Opinion Dan was here to wind Gooners up, so citing him was not the best idea, of course. Soon after he found Dan was not so legit, so he did what most would do, which was him trying to out Opinion Dan, so that he would look legit. Since his source was fake (Dan), he ended up making new rumours regarding Cesar and Fellaini. Wasn’t soon after he changed his handle to WayneGooney, to escape from a few and so that he can start his ITK life. I have tried to frame him once but I failed. His stance was so firm on Cesc rejoining because of Dave Seager on Twitter, but he has himself come out and said he was misinformed..

So now you know the truth about WayneGooney, he knows nothing and I hope you unfollow him so that you do not get fooled anymore. It’s sad, embarrassing and desperate, so don’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

Transfer Gossip
Uchida (Schalke) RB – Target
Gustavo (Bayern Munchen) DM-Close (Fee Agreed)

Lets all hope Arsenal have a great Transfer window so we can challenge for the Title this season.


Diary of a Gooner: Wednesday – July 31st, 2013

No new signings, not a lot of things going on, except for Gooners losing their minds. Today’s hottest topics? Tottenham’s signings, blaming the Boss for things out of his control, Cesc Fàbregas and Suárez.

Tottenham signed Steven Caulker from Cardiff City and Paulinho, another new signing, trained with Spurs for the first time today. I know, you’re probably thinking, why on earth do Gooners care? I’m not too sure myself, to me it seems some Gooners only care because it’s one more (weak) excuse to moan, whine and complain. Apparently, try not to laugh, this shows that Spurs are going to be serious title contenders. Yeah…and Santa Claus is real.

The loveable Wenger Out Brigade/Squad, whatever they call themselves, were at it again. Blaming the Boss for not knowing how much to offer and never paying up. The Wenger In, ehm, people/group… something, hit back by pointing out that the Boss doesn’t really have much control over that, because that’s Ivan&co’s job. Therefore it would be unfair to blame the Boss. Not that the Wenger Out…whatever care, but at least the Wenger In…whatever tried.

Cesc Fàbregas. United’s third offer got some Gooners ecstatic, saying that there must be a reason United made a third bid, maybe Cesc’s future at Barcelona isn’t that certain, maybe he will join Arsenal after all. Others were pissed off, they don’t want to get their hopes up anymore. I can’t blame them.

Suárez. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has said their success depends on whether Suárez stays, or goes. Meanwhile Gooners are still divided. Some still want Suárez because he’s an amazingly talented striker. Others don’t want him because of his attitude and behaviour, and the £50m price tag.

In other news, the Women’s Super League returns this weekend and our Ladies play Liverpool Ladies on Saturday. The game will be live on BT Sport. Kick off is 7PM. – Former Gunner Emmanuel Eboué is still in love with Arsenal. – There’s an Emirates’ Google+ Hangout with the Boss at 2:30PM om Thursday.


Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – July 30th, 2013

Frustrations, arguments and having a laugh. Today’s hottest topics? Real Madrid offered 85m+ for Bale, Suárez might join on a loan deal, Fàbregas is done(?) and Fellaini is out.

Let’s kick off with Real Madrid. They’ve lost it, I’m not even kidding. Remember the £80m offer for Bale? Yeah, they added £5m (or more). Remember when I said Tottenham rejected the first offer? Rumour has it they rejected this one as well. I know, it’s absolutely insane. Gooners and basically all football fans agreed that Bale’s great… Just not that great. I have to say, though I think you may have guessed this already, Spurs fans said it was too low… We all know they’re delusional.

Back to good ol’ Suárez. Latest rumour? He’ll be joining us on a loan deal, at least until we officially qualify for the Champions League. Gooners were divided. Some said it was absolutely outrageous, some said they were fine with it since it’s part of the release clause and others grabbed some popcorn and watched the fight between the first two.

Cesc Fàbregas deal is done, according to ITKs. Therefore Fellaini deal is off, according to ITKs. I think most Gooners have gotten to a point where we’re not gonna get our hopes up again, at least not about Cesc. However, some Gooners did react, saying that ITKs know sh*t, fangirling over Cesc or crying over Fellaini. Later tonight Barcelona played a friendly and apparently someone else was wearing Cesc’s number 4 kit. To be continued… I guess.

Some Gooners are going to boycot the new away kit, to send a message to the board. Okay, that’s one way to do it, sure. That wasn’t it though, they’re still going to buy tickets to the games. If anyone reading this was in on that idea, please explain to us how on earth that’ll get the message through to the board. Even if you boycot the games and don’t show up, yet still buy a ticket. The board won’t give a f*ck, you’re still buying the tickets aren’t you? Just so we’re all clear… If you want to boycot the new kit, enjoy yourselves. If you’re going to boycot the games, think again. Thousands of Gooners wish they could attend games. Not to mention our boys, you know the eleven lads on the pitch wearing Arsenal kits, need our support more than our board needs to get that message. Smartasses.

In other news, Koscielny says the 100% record in Asia helped breed confidence. – Podolski has a special noise. – Wilshere praised youngsters following the Asia Tour. – The Boss believes the Asia Tour has enhanced images of the club, worldwide. – Wilshere states the lads are ready for the Emirates Cup. – Sanogo and Cazorla trained with the first team. – All youth games will be played at Meadow Park, starting this season. – Arsenal youngsters played Leyton Orient tonight. They came back from two goal down. FT score: 4-4.

See you tomorrow!


Diary of a Gooner: Sunday – July 28th, 2013

Fights, friendships and football. Today’s hottest topics? Are twitter’s ITK accounts actually ITK and Fàbregas.

Today kicked off with many Gooners turning against several twitter ITK accounts. Mainly because they woke up and realised it’s impossible that 1000+ people are “ITK” when it comes to Arsenal transfers, because they are fed up and done with the rumours, because the ITKs have been proven wrong several times or because they play with the emotions and feelings of Gooners. Some ITK accounts disappeared, whereas others hit back, either with more rumours or personal attacks. Some accounts decided to simply ignore it. For those who don’t know what “ITK” means, it means “In The Know”.

Transfer gossip: Suárez bid, Fellaini back in the picture, Fàbregas prefers Arsenal and won’t join Manchester United. I already discussed the reaction to the Suárez and Fellaini rumours yesterday and not much has changed, except for a few upset and angry Liverpool fans. Cesc Fàbregas rumours got a lot of reaction. Most Gooners simply don’t believe it’ll happen (this year), others are still praying. United fans are actually convinced Fàbregas will join their club, which pissed off a few Gooners and Barcelona fans got a bit annoyed as well.

Short update, it’s been a slow day and personal reasons. Apologies.


Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – July 23rd, 2013

Rumours, rumours, rumours… Today’s hottest topics include Gonzalo Higuaín stalling Napoli move, Luis Suárez ‘close’ to signing and Cesc Fàbregas ‘considering his future’ at Barcelona.

Let’s start with Real Madrid striker Higuaín. Rumour has it that Higuaín is stalling a move to Napoli, because his preferred destination is Arsenal and he’s waiting for Arsenal to bid (again). Gooners seem to be getting ‘littlebit’ frustrated. Some with the Boss and/or Higuaín, others with the rumours. To be completely honest, I’ve noticed most Gooners would be more than happy if we somehow managed to sign Higuaín. Since the other (rumoured) possibilities are Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and Liverpool star Luis Suárez, Higuaín is the only one who doesn’t have any behavioural issues. At least not that we know of.

So Luis Suárez… All around the world Gooners are arguing and disagreeing about this man. Some Gooners feel Suárez’s behaviour will only get worse. Some feel we should ignore what’s happened in the past and only focus on what he can do for us this season. Some believe that the Boss will be able to change him. Most Gooners realise he’s made some awful “mistakes”, but are willing to forgive and support Luis, as long as it doesn’t happen again. He’d be a rather controversial signing. Whether or not he’ll actually sign for us is a completely different story.

Sources claim Fàbregas is considering his future at Barcelona. At first United fans everywhere started dreaming about Fàbregas, until it was announced that Barcelona have rejected United’s second offer as well and that he’s ‘not for sale’. Gooners were divided, what else is new, into groups. One group simply laughed at United fans and didn’t really comment on a possible return. One group lost it because in their eyes that must mean that Fàbregas is indeed returning. One group didn’t get carried away and most agreed that it would be ‘great’ if he returned, however they can’t see it happening this year.  There’s also a very small group of people who got angry at the ‘stupidity’ of some Gooners, claiming that Fàbregas will not return and some of them started sending abuse to hopeful Gooners.

In other news, Arsenal Ladies signed Emma Mitchell (20) and Caroline Weir (18). Not many Gooners picked up on this, those who did either congratulated Arsenal Ladies with their double signing, or started ranting about the lack of signings in our first team. – Bad news because not just Vermaelen, but Monreal has been ruled out for the beginning of the season as well. That made Gooners a bit nervous. Three defenders injured, and Gibbs is the only leftback we have. This started a discussion about potential targets and Gooners started dreaming of defenders Arsenal could sign. Popular names were Gustavo, a midfielder who (apparently) can play in centreback and leftback position as well, and Swansea defender Ashley Williams. – Some good news though, the Boss said that both Koscielny and Szczesny’s injuries aren’t too serious and they’re expected to return from injury rather soon.

Something that I noticed an awful lot today was that some Gooners were making fun of Liverpool fans, who are upset because their #1 striker and best player will leave. I would like to remind all of you that last year we were in their position. We were scared to death that we would lose our #1 striker (and our captain). Remember the state you were in when you first started to realise we would probably lose him? Remember how you felt when we actually lost him, to a rival club? Keep that in mind, there’s no need for abuse. Banter’s great, but know when to stop.

Oh right, before I go, Nicklas Bendtner. That Danish guy with a massive ego… Yeah, that one. Yes, he still plays for Arsenal…sorta…okay he’s still an Arsenal player on paper.
Anyway, Nicklas Bendtner blames Arsenal for his inability to find a new club… I hate to break it to you ‘Nicky B’, but I think your massive ego and your complete lack of skills may have something to do with that… Just saying.


Diary of a Gooner: Monday – July 22nd, 2013

It’s awfully quiet at Arsenal when it comes to signings, besides Yaya Sanogo and getting rid of deadwood that is. However the “ITKs” on twitter are working extremely hard to try and convince everyone that they are actually “in the know”.

Today’s main transfer stories were a rumoured £41m offer for Suárez, a £21m offer for Bernard and the possible return of Fàbregas.

Some Gooners lost their cool (collective shit) when the striker most of them were ‘dying to sign’ turned out to come with a price tag. “The Boss can’t possibly consider paying over £40m for one single player, can he?”. Of course some Gooners seemed rather excited with the thought of Suárez joining The Arsenal. The others? They simply didn’t bother to comment on newspaper and ITK gossip.

Bernard got several reactions. To name a few: “Who is he?”,  “£21m for a 20yo?!”, “Great footballer!” and “He’s too short”. Most reactions were rather positive though, some fell in love with him, others saw potential. Of course some Gooners were upset with the price, Bernard’s height and his age. Fun side note: the Gooners I saw complaining about his height, are the same Gooners who were upset Arsenal released Meade, who’s shorter.

As for the Fàbregas rumours. The vast majority of Gooners would be over the moon if he returned to Arsenal. There are a lot of discussions regarding àabregas. There is one group who believe he’ll stay at Barcelona, another group who believe he’ll return to Arsenal and there are a few Gooners terrified Cesc will end up joining Van Persie at Manchester United. United have made an offer, twice. Arsenal have a £25m buy-back clause. Barcelona have stated Cesc is not for sale. To be continued..

In other news, Arsenal played, and won, another pre-season friendly. This time versus Nagoya Grampus. Goalscorers were Giroud, Ryo (pen) and Walcott. It was a rather special game, especially for the Boss. The fans were outstanding, the atmosphere was great and it was a good game overall. There’s one young Gunner who stole the hearts of the Gooners, Zelalem. At only 16, this kid has got some unbelievable skills and for once Gooners all agreed on a player. Though they still managed to argue about the “Zelalem hype”. Some things will never change.

As for me, I’m happy with the confidence our players are showing during the pre-season tour. The players all seem to get along, which is always a good thing for a team. I trust the Boss to make the right decisions, he knows what he’s doing.

After all, there’s only one Arsène Wenger.