They claim to be “In The Know”, but are they? – Part I – Tweets

We’ve all seen them, even if we didn’t care it was impossible to avoid them… ITKs. People who claim to have inside sources at a football club, people who claim to be BFF with football agents and/or claim to be related to football players. They get our hopes up and disappoint us.

I decided to save screencaptures of their tweets, just to see who was right/wrong at the end of the transfer window.

Here’s Part I – What did they tweet?


I think every single one of us knows he’s a fraud by now. For those who aren’t quite convinced, here are just a few of Indy’s tweets:

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I don’t even know where to start… Let’s move on.


For those who’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that Ree wrote a post about WayneGooney18, also known as ‘abrokediaby’. In case you are not familiar with either one of these accounts -we all envy you- here are  a few tweets:


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So boys, where is Cesc? Or Higuaín/Rooney/Fellaini/Cesar?

In case you want to contact either WayneGooney18 or abrokediaby, both accounts are either deleted or suspended. I guess we’ll never know why Cesc didn’t join and why we never signed a striker…


Some believe him, some don’t. Here’s a few of Dan’s tweets:

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Couple of things, it’s Higuaín* and you were right. The deal’s done, unfortunately not with Arsenal.
Both Rooney and Fellaini are playing for Manchester United this season.
Arsène Wenger confirmed we were actually in for Suárez*.
Unless Cesar changed his name to Viviano, I’m pretty sure that deal wasn’t done.

Agent Jim

Apparently Agent Jim is a young lad living in Tottenham, supporting Spurs and Ipswich and he’s not “ITK”, mind you I got this information from another ‘ITK’ so I’m not quite sure if this is true.

Anyway, Agent Jim didn’t have that much new information. Take a look at his tweets:

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If the ‘kid’ placed a bet on you not knowing what on earth you’re talking about, I think he won. Well done kiddo!

…at least he knows how to spell the names…
Oh wait, Higuaín*.

Ben Fairthorne

We all know this guy, right? If you don’t, you’re probably not on twitter. If you are and you somehow managed to avoid this guy, you deserve an award. Well done, take a bow!

Check out some of his tweets:

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Le sigh.
Keep up the good work Ben, you’re doing great!


For your information, this guy claims to have Pat Rice in his list of contacts on his phone. Just so you know, here’s what his sources told him:

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Three things. 1. Who’s Gamez? 2. I think Gustavo really did prefer Wolfsburg 3. What happened to Suárez?

Nice try though,


You introduced me to this guy. Here are two of his tweets:

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WIlliams? No. Cesar? No. Nani? No. Gervinho? Yeah, he actually left.


Some of you believe this guy is trustworthy, others believe he’s worse than Indy. Some of you like him, others don’t.

Here are a few of his tweets:

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Is someone trying to be better than Geoff?


Now that I’ve mentioned him anyway, let’s look at some of his tweets. Some people hate him, others love him. Some people believe he always has everything right, others believe he’s just talking. Here’s a few tweets from Geoff:

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Say whatever you want about Geoff, he’s always politically correct in his responses.


There were more accounts claiming to have inside information. Here are a few tweets:

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Funny Moments

The Abou Diaby outside a mosque tweet:


Opinion Dan versus O2:

The Joey Barton to West Ham rumours:


Oh and there was this wee argument between WayneGooney18 and OpinionDan:


And people talking about it:



I think it’s safe to say 99% do not have a clue what on earth they’re on about. Those who may have a guy on the inside make mistakes as well. Truth of the matter is, no deal is done until either the player, the club or the player’s former club confirmed it. Yes, speculation is fun and it keeps us all entertained, but is it really worth it? Do these guys really deserves this much attention? The worst part is we can’t seem to help ourselves, we want to believe their rumours so bad. I personally find most of the ITKs annoying as f*ck, yet after speaking to some of them, they were actually quite nice. Most of them think they actually have the power to change Arsenal’s plans, others genuinely believe this is the way to help fellow fans and to keep them updated and a few actually believe they know what’s going on, when they don’t.

It’s up to you if you still believe ITKs, or people who claim to be ITK. Please consider your heart and your feelings before making your decision and please realise that abuse is not the way to go. It doesn’t matter who it is, what they claim to be or why they do it, they are people and they don’t deserve to receive threats (and those who do, only deserve it because they’re challenging you and they want your attention, if you really hate them that much, don’t give them the attention).

Tonight will be Part II of the ITK saga, which will include your views on the matter
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More pictures will be added to the galleries throughout the weekend.

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Thank you to everyone who’s sent me emails with screencaps, I am still trying to get through all of them -which is why more pictures will be added throughout the weekend- I received 1042 emails from you guys so far and hopefully even more after you read this post.

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Results will be posted in Part III (this Sunday) in which we’ll reveal who’s helped out with the screencaptures!


Gooner(ette) Media: Arsenal Legend Pat Rice (several videos)

Pat Rice scores for Arsenal

Pat Rice and Arsène Wenger (football skills)

Farewell to Pat Rice

Arsène hugs Pat Rice and Gibbs blocks a goal

FK: Pat Rice is a Legend, and 3-3 Norwich

GoonerGolazo: Diary of a Gooner – Arsenal bid spectacularly low again!

Arsenal have reportedly made an offer for Valencia goalkeeper Vicente Guaita after negotiations took place throughout the week. Vicente Guaita was targeted by Arsenal after it was seen that the player was keen to leave Valencia should he not be able to hold down a commanding position over challenging goalkeeper Diego Alves.

In a World Cup year players are always keen to leave if they aren’t getting regular game time, and with the mix up going on at Valencia, in deciding who their main goalkeeper is, I’m sure Guaita wants more assurances. So, in swooped Arsenal with an opening offer according to Spanish reports and a bid of £4 million was made. A fair price for a goalkeeper as rarely do you see big money moves in football for the goalkeeping position, however the bid is still a tad low in my opinion.

The bid did in fact turn out to be more than a tad low, it was ridiculously low after Valencia supposedly wanted a massive £25 million for the keeper! Now on first thought you may be thinking either, Vicente Guaita is a very good goalkeeper, or that he has a massively inflated price tag. To be honest it’s a bit of both! You can never expect to get that sort of money for a keeper however he is quality and I’d be happy to see him in the Arsenal line-up. But Arsenal’s measly bid doesn’t look to be very promising and I won’t expect Arsenal to go back with a bid of more than £7 million, that’s if we go back in for him at all.

It’s not the first time Arsenal have bid very low on a player before with transfer rumours always being spread about Arsenal over the last few years. In some cases our bid has been too low that it’s been publicly laughed at and then a rival swoops in to snap them up! In terms of the technique, I see why Wenger does it. It means we can try and get the player for the cheapest price available. The other club will more than likely reject the first offer and then come back with their own valuation meaning we don’t just have to throw random high money bids out there, however in situations like these come towards the end of the window, it’s more than necessary that we stop playing around and get down to business.

What do you think Gooners, will this bizarre transfer technique actually lead to any signings this summer?

Week in review: Monday (12/08/2013) – Sunday (18/08/2013)

I asked Gooners to describe last week in a tweet. Here are a few replies:
@oochriso: Worst. Week. EVER.
@prateekk09: pain, agony and misery
@ChrisArsenalCam: Diarrhea
@RyanSparkes: Devastating, agonising yet somewhat predicatable.
@Asif_Arsenal14: disaster tragic wakingupcall
@BobbyVertigo: Failure
@davearmstrong8: desperate
@GunnerAbdel: frustrating
@MahoosiveGooner: instantly forgettable

Let’s review this week.

Transfer Talk:
Monday – 12/08/2013

Tuesday – 13/08/2013
– Perez denied work permit
– Gustavo getting close
– Arsenal interested in Gourcoff

Wednesday – 14/08/2013
– Gustavo will decide future on Thursday
– Suárez signed a new contract with Liverpool

Thursday – 15/08/2013
– Gustavo off to Wolfsburg
– Suárez unaware of new contract deal with Liverpool
– Rooney back in the picture
– Arsenal interested in Michu
– Flamini to join Arsenal on a free transfer

Friday – 16/08/2013
– Gustavo signed for Wolfsburg
– Michu is not for sale
– Bendtner off to Turkey

Saturday – 17/08/2013

Sunday – 18/08/2013
No one can keep up with that

Confirmed News:
Monday – 12/08/2013
– Marouane Chamakh has joined Crystal Palace in a permanent deal for an undisclosed fee.

Tuesday – 13/08/2013
– Arsenal XI lost their last pre-season game versus Colchester United.

Wednesday – 14/08/2013
– Arsenal has a new membership, and it’s free, Digital Membership, with access to exclusive footage on Arsenal Player.
– 17 years ago, Patrick Vieira signed for Arsenal.
– Aaron Ramsey is back on twitter.

Thursday – 15/08/2013
– it’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s 20th birthday!
– The Boss said Arsenal will be active until the end of the transfer season.
– Josh Vickers has joined Canvey Island on a short-term loan deal.

Friday – 16/08/2013
– Mertesacker will be captain
– Vermaelen, Monreal and Arteta are out.
– Wellington has joined Real Murcia on a season-long loandeal.
– Mo Farah is World Champion on 5000m.

Saturday – 17/08/2013

Sunday – 18/08/2013
– Gibbs has a deep cut, Sagna, Rosicky has a problem. Ramsey has a problem with a kick on his ankle.

This week’s results:
First Team
Arsenal 1 – 3 Aston Villa
Ladies Team
Arsenal Ladies 3-1 Birmingham Ladies

Bring on next week!


GoonerGolazo: Diary of a Gooner – Arsène Wenger.

So much angst has been expended and so many blogging hours have been spent fretting about the capability of AW to do some business on the Transfer Market, and yet what are we talking about?

After 8 fruitless years or so, Gazidis has told us the club are now in the happy position of being able to afford new, quality players. Yippee!

We have all become impatient watching the big spenders go out and buy all the goodies in the shop with a plethora of top quality players ending up with Real, Barca, City, Chelsea etc. and all of them winning trophies while we end up holding the wooden spoon after buying Denilson, Santos, Arshavin, Gervinho et al.

But, so far in this window what has changed? We have only one token freebie player in Sanogo to show for it. Although to be fair we have made promising noises about Suarez, Rooney and various others rumoured to be ‘eyed’ or ‘trialled’ by our manager.

This state of affairs has made even some of the longtime Wenger supporters, including me, get itchy under the collar, and others to become genuinely depressed.

There has been much understandable grumbling from fans about the cost of season tickets in an economically difficult climate, as well as the increased travel costs etc, whereas Arsenal we are told are coining it with TV deals, gimormous sponsorship deals and money flowing in from our Asian fanbase, blah, blah. We have dosh coming out of every orifice it would seem.

But where is the pay back? Why have we started the season with the same squad as last season and sod all has happened with regard to transfers? As someone who might be called a Wenger loyalist, I have to agree that many of my fellow Gooners are on edge, and if the window closes without significant additions, there is likely to be an Arsenal fans summer revolution with boos sounding out around the ground at the first sign of a poor performance and goodness knows what will happen when we lose, heralding protest groups who will arrange marches at every turn.

The tom tom beats of disgruntled fans on the blogs should send out a wake-up call to AW and the Board that they must buy and buy now, but not just any old player, there must be at least one marquee signing!

Arsene has enjoyed considerable support from the fans over the years, but many of us will feel the urge to call for his head if this season peters out to being yet another disappointment as regards to trophies or even at least fighting for the top in the PL.

Frankly it cannot be denied that the Board have given Arsene a huge amount of leeway in which to run the football part of the club, and if he does not deliver this season, sadly it might be time to call for an end to his era.


Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – August 6th, 2013

Suárez, Rooney and Bale are all “injured”, wonder if they have the same injury as a certain former Arsenal player had. I think it’s a typical case of the “nope. Get me outta here” injury. Wonder how we can get Bendtner “injured”…

Today’s hottest topics? A religious man, claiming to be a Gooner, praying for Wenger to get brain cancer, Suárez, Gervinho, El Jadeyaoui and Mikel Arteta. Oh, and angry Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham fans.

Let’s start with the plastic fan. This man tweeted, right after he tweeted two rather religious tweets stating that he’s proud to believe in God (his English is terrible, but that’s what he was trying to say), “If wenger should fail to land suarez frm lfc to afc..I pray he wenger develops cancer of the brain and resign!!” (I warned you about his English). Gooners, and other football fans, were outraged. Saying that this is absolutely ridiculous, this man shouldn’t call himself a Gooner, this man is an embarrassment to all Gooners and some hit back saying they wish this man himself got cancer. I agree with all the outraged Gooners and football fans. However, to the small group of idiots wishing this guy gets cancer, thank you for making it a pot/kettle story, much appreciated.

Suárez then. He’s injured. Or so we’ve been told. He’s considering taking legal steps to get out of Liverpool. Or so we’ve been told. The Guardian has an ‘explosive’ interview with Suárez (link to the interview is at the bottom). Gooners still disagree when it comes to Suárez. Some want him to join, because he’s a world class striker and the Boss can turn his behaviour around. Others don’t want him to join, because of his behaviour and let’s just forget he’s a world class striker. I guess it’s clear now that Suárez really does want to leave Liverpool. It’s also obvious that Liverpool do not want to let him go. Will he be able to force a move? It sure does look like it. At least he’s open and honest about it and he it wasn’t just one good season after seven years full of injuries!

Gervinho is training with Roma, however the club couldn’t announce him yet because there are some issues with the number of non-EU players the club already has. Gooners were complaining about Arsenal being extremely slow with this bit of transfer news, ITKs were completely lost as to why it hadn’t been announced yet and now we know. It was hilarious to see how the ITKs were completely clueless though.

 El Jadeyaoui. Yes that guy. If you can’t pronounce his last name, that’s okay. We’re all waiting to hear English football commentators giving it a go. Anyway, it’s been reported that he’s in London for a trial. With Arsenal. Some Gooners had a public mental breakdown, saying the club should sign quality signing instead of these young footballers who aren’t good enough. Others realised it’s just a two day trial and wishing the young player the best of luck.

Mikel Arteta has stated that he expects signings this season, though he also said most of these signings will be last minute. Gooners were excited about this news, it calmed most of them down as well. Well, most of them, some still managed to complain about the Boss being clueless and us ending up with a bunch of idiots without talent.

Suárez: injured. Rooney: injured. Bale: injured. Liverpool fans: angry, scared and frustrated. Manchester United fans: angry, scared and frustrated. Tottenham fans: angry, scared and frustrated. Now before I start making fun of them, I want to say one thing. To all the Liverpool and Tottenham fans who didn’t make fun of upset Gooners when our best player and striker left us last summer, if they do leave, we understand how you feel and we promise it’ll get better. To Manchester United fans and the other Liverpool and Tottenham fans: I hope it f*cking hurts, what goes around comes around, Karma’s a b*tch and all that. Oh and maybe this can help you guys out: If you want the guy to stay, you probably shouldn’t send threats and abuse his way. Apparently that doesn’t work. Just a thought.

In other news, The Arsenal Ladies are playing Everton Ladies in the semi final of the Continental Cup this Thursday at 7:45PM. – Bacary Sagna says his assured displays at centre back have been down to a ‘love of learning’. – Arsenal XI will take on Colchester United in final pre-season friendly on August 13. – Arsenal U21s opening match at Stoke, has been rearranged for Monday, August 19.

Good luck fangirling over Suárez everyone!


The Guardian: Suárez Interview

Diary of a Gooner – Neil talks transfers, Suárez and Wenger. Saturday – August 3rd, 2013.

The Luis Suárez transfer saga is a very familiar one for Gooners.  For the past three years we have been involved in the transfer of the summer but always on the selling end.

This year however that has changed and we are the buying club yet for some reason it still feels like we are blaming the club and manager for the potential failure of the transfer. I have always felt Arsène has been spot on regarding transfers and the prices the club pays.  Just because the club has given Arsène a rumoured £100m transfer budget doesnt mean we have to spend a single penny.  Improvements to the team through the purchase of players such as Suárez are mouth watering just at the thought but we are now in a time where clubs are paying over the odds just because they can.  Sure Arsenal can afford to pay these types of fees but the one thing Im proud of is that we won’t be bullied into paying extortionate fees for players (e.g. Higuaín) who may or may not make the contribution we would have hoped.

Liverpool are putting up a strong fight to keep a player that has stated he wishes to leave to play for a club who can offer him Champions League football, something Liverpool can’t offer.  While we can offer Suárez the one thing he desires, is he worth the £50m Liverpool may demand for his signature?  The answer I feel is no.  £40m is a fairer number for the club to pay Liverpool to then spend three-quarters of it on an average player to replace the outgoing player.  Luis Suárez is a world class player but at the same time he is a potential ticking time bomb and if not controlled could lead to complications for himself and the club’s image.  Arsenal prides itself on the class it displays and has players who can be looked at as role models (we’ll ignore Bendtner for this statement).  We have to decide if the player matches the fee and if the baggage he carries is worth taking on.

So the question, is Arsène Wenger or the board to blame for not wanting to pay a fee that may guarantee access to talk to the player?  Again, no.  We have every right to pay what we feel is a fair fee and if no fee can be agreed then we move on to the next target, it isn’t the end of the world.  If the player really does wish to leave then he can protest in hope a compromise may come from somewhere.

Regarding the fans screaming to spend all the money, I would happily see one more player arrive to tide us over until there are youth players ready to make the step up to the first team.  This is the first time in a long time I have been excited for the future of Arsenal when you have players such as Eisfeld, Akpom, Olsson, Gnabry and Miyaichi on the doorstep, with Zelalem a couple of years behind them.  Get a player or two to keep us competitive for a couple of more seasons then hopefully our youth will be ready to make the jump.
We don’t need to spend the millions the fans are demanding, we just need to spend the right amount of money on the right player(s) and be patient.  Arsenal will be back to being what we should be, champions, with Arsène Wenger holding the trophy above his head.

In Arsène we trust.