Diary of a Gooner: Friday – August 16th, 2013

One more day..

Today’s hottest topics? Gustavo, Bendtner and Michu.

Gustavo signed for Wolfsburg. Gooners lost it. No one knows if we were actually in for Gustavo and/or if the Wolfsburg deal was already done before rumours started, but he’s not ours so enough reason to have start, yet another, meltdown. I wish Gustavo a lot of luck at Wolfsburg.

Michu is not for sale, not even for a ridiculous amount of money. According to Swansea’s manager. With Suárez apologising to Liverpool, Rooney… I don’t really know what Rooney’s up to at the moment and Higuaín signing for Napoli, ITKs came up with Michu. Who’s not for sale. Yes, that was enough reason to have a meltdown.

In more positive news, there’s a Turkish team interested in Nicky B. Maybe, just maybe, we’re finally getting rid of him.

In other news, Mertesacker will be captain, – Vermaelen, Monreal and Arteta are out. – Wellington has joined Real Murcia on a season-long loandeal. – Mo Farah is World Champion on 5000m. –

Premier League season 2013/2014 starts tomorrow!



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