Diary of a Gooner: Wednesday – August 14th, 2013

International games, both friendlies and World Cup Qualifiers. Quite a lot of Arsenal players were selected for their national teams. Unfortunately Sagna got injured -no confirmation yet.

Today’s hottest topics? Gustavo and Suárez.

If you think the Suárez saga was a never ending story, Gustavo seems to be going the same way. One thing’s for sure Gustavo wants to leave Bayern. As I said yesterday, Arsenal and Napoli are both interested, but we’re not alone. Barcelona and Wolfsburg are interested as well. Gooners lost it after hearing that, especially the group of Gooners who complained he wasn’t good enough. It got worse when a German newspaper reported that Gustavo had signed for Wolfsburg and would get 115k a week. Judging by the reactions of some Gooners, Gustavo will be the most important signing ever. Unfortunately for the dramaqueens, both Wolfsburg and Gustavo denied the rumours.

Suárez then. A journalist said that Suárez and Liverpool had agreed on a new contract. Gooners started crying and complaining. Turns out this journalist knows more than Luis Suárez, because he claimed he still wants to leave Liverpool. Phew, sign him up!

In other news, Arsenal has a new membership, and it’s free, Digital Membership, with access to exclusive footage on Arsenal Player. – 17 years ago, Patrick Vieira signed for Arsenal. – Aaron Ramsey is back on twitter.

See you soon.



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