Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – August 13th, 2013

Have a little patience…

Today’s hottest topics? Perez, Gustavo and Gourcoff.

Perez, the guy who got some play time in the pre-season friendly versus Manchester City during his trial at Arsenal, has been denied a work permit and is going back to Columbia. Despite the fact that most Gooners thought he was ‘rubbish’, ‘not good enough’ etc. they were rather disappointed. Some wondered how he couldn’t get a work permit because, try not to burst out in laughter, ‘it’s 2013!’ -yes, dear. That’s enough reason to give someone a work permit, totally agreed.- some Gooners started ranting about the Boss and the others realised this wasn’t really Arsenal’s fault.

Gustavo. We’re interested, Napoli’s interested, papers report that he’s leaving Bayern for less than we supposedly offered and Gustavo/Bayern announced a press conference for this Thursday, in which his plans for the future will be announced. I always try to sum up the reactions of Gooners in a few sentences but they were so confusing that I’m not going to bother writing sentences, so I’ll sum it up. Two groups the first group screamed that he was sh*t, the other group were okay/happy with the thought of him joining, are you still following this?
-Arsenal interested in Gustavo:
Group 1- He’s sh*t. Worse than Paulinho. Step down.
Group 2- Ah! Guardiola doesn’t see a future with him, he’s available. Not the best, but would be a decent signing.
-Napoli interested in Gustavo:
Group 1- If Wenger f*cks this up @$&@@!@&$@*#3#&@$#$%%@!. Of course, I get excited and we don’t get him.
Group 2- If we want him, we should be able to get him. Not again!
Reports that he’ll be sold for less than we offered:
Group 1- so he’s not going to Arsenal. How can Wenger offer too much.
Group 2- Wenger usually doesn’t offer more, were the internet rumours false? Maybe he is going to Napoli.
Press conference announcement:
Group 1- That’s it. He’s not joining Arsenal. Can’t believe we screwed this up.
Group 2- Did we screw this up? Wonder what he’s going to say.
Le sigh…

Gourcoff then. We’ve been linked with this guy for a few years and in previous years Gooners were rather excited. Now that Lyon said Gourcoff is willing to accept a paycut to join Arsenal, Gooners don’t want him anymore. Can’t say I’m surprised.

In other news, Arsenal XI lost their last pre-season game versus Colchester United.



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