Diary of a Gooner: Saturday – August 10th, 2013

Some Liverpool fans are a disgrace to their club. Then again, they’d fit right in with John W. Henry and Brendan Rodgers.

Today’s hottest topics? Gustavo, Perez and the Liverpool versus Suárez saga continues.

(Internet) rumour has it that a Gustavo fee has been agreed! Gooners reacted in three ways, they either did not care, they accused Arsenal of panic buying (again) or they were, sorta, satisfied. This story has not been confirmed.

Perez made an unexpected debut today in our game versus City in Helsinki. I’d say, well done to the lad. At first Gooners were outraged, after they’d actually seen him play their opinions changed. Though most Gooners still agree we have an extremely thin squad, the majority of Gooner were rather satisfied with Perez and how he played, especially how he took Navas down.

Back to Suárez. Where to start?
John W. Henry promised Liverpool fans that Suárez would stay at Liverpool and took it a step further by saying Liverpool will win the league again and that the club is aiming for trophies and a Top 4 place (who’s smoking, what and where John?).
Just in case you somehow managed to miss the message, manager Rodgers has told fans and press, after Liverpool lost 1-0 to Celtic in Dublin, that Suárez is NOT for sale. No sh*t. He then continued and stated that Suárez must apologise to his teammates (maybe you should stop drinking Guinness Brendan?).
Gooners, and most football fans, basically said that this confirms Liverpool is classless, for mentioning Arsenal and doing it in public, and that they’re smoking something at Liverpool FC, though we’re not quite sure what yet.
That’s not the end of today’s story though! The Irish Mirror published an interview with Suárez’s international teammate Cavani, in which Cavani said: “The Liverpool coach can talk about loyalty and disrespect, but maybe he needs to look up what it means,” – ouch – Cavani continued by saying he knew about the agreement Suárez had with Liverpool and that Suárez showed loyalty when he turned down an offer from Juventus to stay at Liverpool and fight for the Champions League spot. That’s got to hurt.

In other news, Arsenal have won their last pre-season friendly in Helsinki versus Manchester City with 3-1. Goals from Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud. Goalscorer for Manchester City was Negredo. – Fellow Gooner Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000m at the World Athletic Championships. – Arsenal Ladies are back in action tomorrow versus Everton in the FA Women’s Super League. – The First Team are back in London.

See you tomorrow!


Cavani interview Irish Mirror


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