Diary of a Gooner: Friday – August 9th, 2013

The squad gets thinner and Gooners get less supportive.

Today’s hottest topics? Gustavo, Miquel, Suárez and Rooney.

We all know him, the man who seems to be in control of the feelings of many Gooners, the lovely Geoff. Geoff is known for giving transfer information and he’s rather reliable on the short term and today he simply tweeted a name, which was enough for 75% of Gooners to have a meltdown and the other 25% were left either confused or outraged. The name he tweeted? Gustavo. Judging by the reactions on social media websites, most Gooners would love Gustavo at Arsenal. Unfortunately for those who got a bit too excited, there’s another London team interested, Chelsea. Though most Chelsea fans appear to be unaware of that. Of course there were the usual Gooners complaining about Gustavo, but most seem to be satisfied with Gustavo, if he joins Arsenal.

Arsenal youngster Miquel moved to Leicester on a season long loan deal. Now you’d think that we’d be happy our youngster is getting an opportunity to prove himself, but you’re wrong. With a very thin squad this amazing deal for Miquel was simply the cue for yet another meltdown.

Suárez then, apparently he’s making an effort with the fans and he’s about to have, or already having, a talk with Rodgers about his future at Liverpool. Meanwhile, many journalists and public figures have stated it show the difference between Arsenal and Liverpool when you look how differently the two clubs are handling things. Gooners are still mocking Liverpool fans.

On to Rooney. A move from United to Chelsea seems highly unlikely, not to mention that Rooney still has to agree personal terms with Chelsea and chances of that ever happening are basically non existent, though it’s not impossible. Anyway, with Chelsea out of the way and ITKs talking about him, Gooners are joining them and they’re basically daydreaming over Rooney scoring goals and hoping that he mentions the little boy inside of him during a press conference, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

In other news, Arsenal will play Fenerbahce in the Champions League play offs. – Arsenal has arrived in Helsinki ahead of the pre-season friendly versus Manchester City. – The Boss says that Arsenal will act respectfully and amicably in the transfer market. – New Arsenal Ladies signing Mitchell said that she couldn’t turn the down the opportunity to play for Arsenal, and for that we thank her.

See you tomorrow!



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