Diary of a Gooner: Thursday – August 8th, 2013

Hell yeah we signed Al.. ehm.. El Ja.. ehm.. Nice weather outside isn’t it?

Today’s hottest topics? Suárez, Rooney and Alharbi El Jadeyaoui.

After Suárez’s interview with The Guardian Gooners were ecstatic and Liverpool fans lost their minds. Today Liverpool confirmed what their fans were screaming already, Suárez will not be sold to Arsenal. Some Gooners reacted by saying “told ya”, some started asking themselves why Liverpool has to do everything in public and most Gooners had a meltdown. That happens a lot these days, I’m starting to wonder why I even mention it.

In comes Wayne Rooney. Wenger said that if Arsenal can’t get what/who they want, they’ll look elsewhere and ‘Hello Wayne Rooney’ it was, at least according to the ITKs. Do Gooners want Rooney? I’m starting to think some don’t really give a damn anymore. Whoever it is, it’s not good enough. We sign a young player on a free transfer and they complain he’s too young and it shows lack of ambition, we should be spending big money. Rumour has it we’re spending big, on either Rooney or Suárez, and we are not staying true to what Arsenal stands for and we’re giving in to modern day football. Arsenal and the Boss can’t win this, no matter how they play this game, they’ll lose. Simply because when they finally figured out how this idiotic game works, their own ‘fans’ change the rules.

Since we’re on about Gooners complaining 24/7 no matter what happens, apparently we’ve signed Alharbi El Jadeyaoui, it only took me 9 times to spell his name correctly, on a free transfer. He’s a 27 year old footballer who was on trial, as I mentioned Tuesday. I think we can all agree that we don’t know anything about this guy. I mean, French football journalists were confused and asking who on earth this guy is. However, signing him is ’embarrassing’ and shows ‘lack of ambition’, not to mention it shows that ‘Wenger has lost the plot’. In my opinion, and I know many Gooners agree with me, the Boss got us Koscielny and no one knew who he was. Look at him now. The Boss signed Juve ‘flop’ Thierry Henry to replace ‘quality player’ Anelka. Look at them now. So instead of complaining and moaning, why don’t we just enjoy the fact that we signed someone, on yet another free transfer, who could surprise every single one of us? Let’s not forget that we will probably have a great laugh when the lovely English commentators try to pronounce his name.. We’ve got nothing to lose.
(This signing hasn’t been confirmed by Arsenal.com)

In other news, our amazing Arsenal Ladies reached the final of the Continental Cup for the third year in a row! Our Ladies won the Continental Cup every single time.Arsenal Ladies goalscorers: Nobbs (‘8), Carter (’35), White (’40) and Houghton (’56). Assists by Yankey (Nobbs and Carter goals) and Davison (Houghton goal). – Arsenal Ladies are facing Lincoln Ladies in the final of the Continental Cup. – Chuba Akpom says it’s important to stay grounded. – The Junior Gunners (celebrating their 30th anniversary this season) have beaten the first team (with Theo Walcott switching sides halfway through the game). – Gervinho has completed his move to Roma. Best of luck Gerv, thanks for everything.

See you guys tomorrow!



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