Diary of a Gooner: Monday – August 5th, 2013

Gooners fighting, Gooners bonding, Gooners crying, Gooners laughing and I’m back.

Today’s hottest topics? Angry Liverpool fans, Marica, Gervinho, Perez and Bendtner.

The tension between Liverpool fans and Gooners is heating up. Yes, it’s still about Suárez, it is most of the time anyway. Liverpool fans keep slamming Arsenal and Gooners continue to make fun of Liverpool. As usual there is always that certain group of people who simply take it too far. Threats are going back and forth and let’s be honest, Liverpool FC is not making it any better with their comments. As for Arsenal, they’re keeping their mouths shut. Where Liverpool has openly made fun of and slammed Arsenal, Arsenal has simply stated that we are interested in signing Suárez. Notice a difference? Thought so.

Schalke’s striker Marica could be joining Arsenal, according to his agent. If Marica does join Arsenal, it will most likely be on a free transfer. Gooners reacted in two ways. 1. Wenger Out! It’s not Rooney nor Suárez so we don’t want him, never heard of him so he can’t be that special. 2. Well at least it’s a striker. Though I personally think most Gooners completely missed this bit of transfer gossip.

Gervinho’s off to Roma. It’s not official yet, but he’s been spotted in Italy. Most Gooners are rather satisfied, saying it’s a shame he couldn’t live up to the expectations. Of course some Gooners are littlebit sad about the news, I mean he’s still our forehead after all and no matter what anyone said, the guy has always given his all in every single game. Last but not least the group of Gooners who don’t really care about Gervinho leaving, but seem to be obsessed with how a bald man can have dreadlocks. My theory is that it’s a wig and his hairband is keeping it in place.

Sebastian Perez Cardona has tweeted a picture of him, in Arsenal kit, with captain Thomas Vermaelen. It’d been reported that the defensive midfielder was going to Arsenal for a trial before. Though most Gooners seemed to be excited about the fact that he’s a defensive midfielder, some started complaining that he’s too young. You really can’t please some people.

So, Bendtner. Nicky B. Noble by Bendtner. You know who. Apparently Malaga are still interested! Somebody open a bottle of champagne, we must celebrate! Okay, I know he’s not gone yet, but they’re still interested. It can’t get much better, can it? With Gervinho off to Roma, Chamakh to Palace and all the deadwood we sold/gave away, Bendtner is the only one still here. I trust the Boss, but can’t we just give him away for free? Or maybe give one pound? Anything?

In other news, this season marks the 100th anniversary of Arsenal’s move to Islington. – Theo Walcott said he was encouraged by Sanogo’s (debut) performance during the Emirates Cup. – Arsenal Media have announced a new show “The Clock End”, starting Monday 12th of August on Arsenal Player.

See you tomorrow!



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