Diary of a Gooner: Wednesday – July 31st, 2013

No new signings, not a lot of things going on, except for Gooners losing their minds. Today’s hottest topics? Tottenham’s signings, blaming the Boss for things out of his control, Cesc Fàbregas and Suárez.

Tottenham signed Steven Caulker from Cardiff City and Paulinho, another new signing, trained with Spurs for the first time today. I know, you’re probably thinking, why on earth do Gooners care? I’m not too sure myself, to me it seems some Gooners only care because it’s one more (weak) excuse to moan, whine and complain. Apparently, try not to laugh, this shows that Spurs are going to be serious title contenders. Yeah…and Santa Claus is real.

The loveable Wenger Out Brigade/Squad, whatever they call themselves, were at it again. Blaming the Boss for not knowing how much to offer and never paying up. The Wenger In, ehm, people/group… something, hit back by pointing out that the Boss doesn’t really have much control over that, because that’s Ivan&co’s job. Therefore it would be unfair to blame the Boss. Not that the Wenger Out…whatever care, but at least the Wenger In…whatever tried.

Cesc Fàbregas. United’s third offer got some Gooners ecstatic, saying that there must be a reason United made a third bid, maybe Cesc’s future at Barcelona isn’t that certain, maybe he will join Arsenal after all. Others were pissed off, they don’t want to get their hopes up anymore. I can’t blame them.

Suárez. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has said their success depends on whether Suárez stays, or goes. Meanwhile Gooners are still divided. Some still want Suárez because he’s an amazingly talented striker. Others don’t want him because of his attitude and behaviour, and the £50m price tag.

In other news, the Women’s Super League returns this weekend and our Ladies play Liverpool Ladies on Saturday. The game will be live on BT Sport. Kick off is 7PM. – Former Gunner Emmanuel Eboué is still in love with Arsenal. – There’s an Emirates’ Google+ Hangout with the Boss at 2:30PM om Thursday.



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