Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – July 30th, 2013

Frustrations, arguments and having a laugh. Today’s hottest topics? Real Madrid offered 85m+ for Bale, Suárez might join on a loan deal, Fàbregas is done(?) and Fellaini is out.

Let’s kick off with Real Madrid. They’ve lost it, I’m not even kidding. Remember the £80m offer for Bale? Yeah, they added £5m (or more). Remember when I said Tottenham rejected the first offer? Rumour has it they rejected this one as well. I know, it’s absolutely insane. Gooners and basically all football fans agreed that Bale’s great… Just not that great. I have to say, though I think you may have guessed this already, Spurs fans said it was too low… We all know they’re delusional.

Back to good ol’ Suárez. Latest rumour? He’ll be joining us on a loan deal, at least until we officially qualify for the Champions League. Gooners were divided. Some said it was absolutely outrageous, some said they were fine with it since it’s part of the release clause and others grabbed some popcorn and watched the fight between the first two.

Cesc Fàbregas deal is done, according to ITKs. Therefore Fellaini deal is off, according to ITKs. I think most Gooners have gotten to a point where we’re not gonna get our hopes up again, at least not about Cesc. However, some Gooners did react, saying that ITKs know sh*t, fangirling over Cesc or crying over Fellaini. Later tonight Barcelona played a friendly and apparently someone else was wearing Cesc’s number 4 kit. To be continued… I guess.

Some Gooners are going to boycot the new away kit, to send a message to the board. Okay, that’s one way to do it, sure. That wasn’t it though, they’re still going to buy tickets to the games. If anyone reading this was in on that idea, please explain to us how on earth that’ll get the message through to the board. Even if you boycot the games and don’t show up, yet still buy a ticket. The board won’t give a f*ck, you’re still buying the tickets aren’t you? Just so we’re all clear… If you want to boycot the new kit, enjoy yourselves. If you’re going to boycot the games, think again. Thousands of Gooners wish they could attend games. Not to mention our boys, you know the eleven lads on the pitch wearing Arsenal kits, need our support more than our board needs to get that message. Smartasses.

In other news, Koscielny says the 100% record in Asia helped breed confidence. – Podolski has a special noise. – Wilshere praised youngsters following the Asia Tour. – The Boss believes the Asia Tour has enhanced images of the club, worldwide. – Wilshere states the lads are ready for the Emirates Cup. – Sanogo and Cazorla trained with the first team. – All youth games will be played at Meadow Park, starting this season. – Arsenal youngsters played Leyton Orient tonight. They came back from two goal down. FT score: 4-4.

See you tomorrow!



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