Week in review: Monday (22/07/2013) – Sunday (28/07/2013)

I asked Gooners to describe last week in a tweet. Here are a few replies:
@RonAFC10: melancholy.
@ScottishCaveman: Angst ridden.
@Arsxnal and @dougmcole: frustrating.
@GoonerNeedFaith: a long long wait.
@got_hash: disappointing.
@ScottyS18: bored

Let’s review this week.

Transfer Talk:
Monday – 22/07/2013
– £41m bid for Suárez
– £21m bid for Bernard
– Possible return of Fàbregas

Tuesday – 23/07/2013
– Higuaín stalls Napoli move
– Suárez ‘close’ to signing
– Fàbregas ‘considering his future’
– Bendtner blames Arsenal for his inability to find new club

Wednesday – 24/07/2013
– £40,000,001 bid for Suárez
– Scout in Brazil for Bernard
– Third bid for Gervinho rejected
– Higuaín’s in Italy

Thursday – 25/07/2013
– Bernard ‘close’ to signing
– Suárez ‘closer’ to signing
– Higuaín might not be joining Napoli

Friday – 26/07/2013
– Suárez won’t join a rival club
– Fàbregas ‘not for sale’
– Bernard trains in Brazil

Saturday – 27/07/2013
– £42m bid for Suárez
– Bernard to Porto
– Higuaín to Napolu
– Back in race for Fellaini

Sunday – 28/07/2013
– ITK accounts and Gooners argue
– Fàbregas won’t join United, prefers Arsenal
– £42,5m bid for Suárez
– Fellaini’s back in the picture.

Confirmed News:
Monday – 22/07/2013
– Won another pre season game, goals from Giroud, Ryo and Walcott.

Tuesday – 23/07/2013
– Arsenal Ladies sign Mitchell (20) and Weir (18).
– Vermaelen and Monreal will both miss start of Premier League season.
– Koscielny and Szczesny to be back soon.

Wednesday – 24/07/2013
– Koscielny will most likely miss last game of the Asia Tour.
– Szczesny and Oxlade-Chamberlain are fit.
– Rosicky says he’s never been this hungry for the title.

Thursday – 25/07/2013
– Arsenal Ladies win pre season game versus West Ham Ladies with 10-0.
– Arteta and Sagna had a sushi lesson.
– Jenkinson sang at a fan party.
– Podolski and Mertesacker dressed up and learned the ways of the samurai.
– Rosicky believes Giroud will be even better next season.

Friday – 26/07/2013
– Arsenal won last game of Asia Tour.
– Giroud and Akpom danced.
– Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jenkinson discuss their bromance.

Saturday – 27/07/2013
– Asia Tour 2013 is officially over.
– Joel Campbell joins Olympiacos on a season long loan deal.
– Boss discussed the changing nature of transfers and talks about signings.

Bring on next week!



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