Diary of a Gooner: Sunday – July 28th, 2013

Fights, friendships and football. Today’s hottest topics? Are twitter’s ITK accounts actually ITK and Fàbregas.

Today kicked off with many Gooners turning against several twitter ITK accounts. Mainly because they woke up and realised it’s impossible that 1000+ people are “ITK” when it comes to Arsenal transfers, because they are fed up and done with the rumours, because the ITKs have been proven wrong several times or because they play with the emotions and feelings of Gooners. Some ITK accounts disappeared, whereas others hit back, either with more rumours or personal attacks. Some accounts decided to simply ignore it. For those who don’t know what “ITK” means, it means “In The Know”.

Transfer gossip: Suárez bid, Fellaini back in the picture, Fàbregas prefers Arsenal and won’t join Manchester United. I already discussed the reaction to the Suárez and Fellaini rumours yesterday and not much has changed, except for a few upset and angry Liverpool fans. Cesc Fàbregas rumours got a lot of reaction. Most Gooners simply don’t believe it’ll happen (this year), others are still praying. United fans are actually convinced Fàbregas will join their club, which pissed off a few Gooners and Barcelona fans got a bit annoyed as well.

Short update, it’s been a slow day and personal reasons. Apologies.



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