Diary of a Gooner: Saturday – July 27th, 2013.

Wenger in, Wenger out. In, out, in out, shake it all about… Not funny? Okay, I’ll stop. Today’s hottest topics? Wenger’s press conference, Suárez, Bernard, Higuaín, Fellaini and Bale.

Wenger in v Wenger out. Today was a crazy day. How did this all start (again)? A press conference. The Boss answered questions, without actually answering questions and leaving a lot of room for speculation. What else is new? Gooners lost their minds after the press conference. Some because it showed that we had no ambition, some because it was the same old story, some because they know the Boss loves to play with the media and others because some Gooners showed their true colours. The In/Out debate continued and got a bit too personal at times. What did he mean? We’ll probably never know. The debate goes on and none of us know if/when we’ll announce a new signing.

Transfer news then. Stories: £42m bid for Suárez, Bernard off to Porto, Higuaín to Napoli and we’re back in for Fellaini. Reactions: £42m is outrageous!/We’re finally spending money! – Well at least we get to see Bernard and Higuaín at the Emirates (Emirates Cup)/How can Wenger screw this up?! – Oh Fellaini is nice, Premier League experience, would be a good signing!/Fellaini is sh*t, can’t believe Wenger, he just doesn’t want to win does he?!
Isn’t it lovely to see that whatever happens, people will always complain? Thought so.

So Bale. No, we’re not signing him. However, we do talk about him an awful lot. Why? Rumour has it Real Madrid offered £80m+(!!!!!!!) for him. Oh and get this, Tottenham rejected(!!!!!!!) the offer. Why do we care? Well, Bale is not worth 80m. Also, how on earth can a club like Tottenham reject an 80m offer?! Not to mention that we have an opinion on, quite literally, everything and we want everyone to know about it. Oh, and we pissed off Spurs fans, that’s always a nice extra.

In other news, the Asia Tour 2013 is officially over and our boys are home. – Joel Campbell is on loan at Olympiacos. – The Boss discussed about the changing nature of transfers (and (not) adding players to the team).

Talk to you tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Diary of a Gooner: Saturday – July 27th, 2013.

  1. You’re a great writer! Love reading it. Unique, class and a great way to keep up with fellow fans. Simply amazing, one of the best blogs out there. Keep it up! Xxxx

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