Diary of a Gooner: Friday – July 26th, 2013

United fans? Angry. Liverpool fans? Angry. Spurs fans? Delusional. Gooners? Oh we had a lovely and rather fun day. Today’s hottest topics? Asia Tour comes to an end, Suárez will not be sold to rival clubs, Liverpool fans are still a bit angry and Fàbregas is “not for sale”.

Today was the last day of Arsenal’s Asia Tour 2013. We won the last game of our pre season in Asia with 2-1, thanks to Podolski and Akpom. Gooners were rather positive about our squad until Urawa Reds equalised. Some Gooners weren’t too bothered and either congratulated Urawa Reds or joked about the 1-1 score or how much we actually suck when it comes to corners, we do. However, others suffered complete mental breakdowns because it was 1-1. Side note: those are the same people that said pre season friendlies “don’t count”, throughout the Asia Tour.

10 things we’ve learnt from the Asia Tour (via @Gunner_Mania on twitter):


Ah yes the Suárez rumours are heating up, Liverpool fans are still angry and most Gooners are having a great time. Though Gooners are scared that we might end up with absolutely no one, if we fail to sign Suárez. Whereas Liverpool officials are making themselves look like complete idiots by slamming Arsenal in public, Arsenal decided to simply not talk about it, nor react. Gooners are happy and proud of that, but that’s not stopping Gooners from having a great time. As I said before, Liverpool fans are making this so easy as well.
Liverpool: “Suárez will NOT be sold to a rival club” – Gooners: “Cool story, but what about us?”.

Gooner and former Gunner Cesc Fàbregas is “not for sale”, according to Barcelona. That’s not stopping Moyes though, rumour has it that he’s made a third offer. It’s also not stopping United fans from thinking he’ll join and telling Gooners about it. In all honesty, ever since the £40,000,000+£1 story Gooners have been busy making fun of Liverpool fans and sort of forgot about the delusional United fans. Today United fans started it, but after about 10 minutes they were too busy with the Moyes out campaign, after United lost yet another pre season game, so we could continue to make fun of Liverpool fans.
ITKs are now claiming Cesc will be announced next week. Our poor Gooner hearts can’t take much more.

Moving on to Bernard. The ITKs who claimed Bernard had his medical today have been proven wrong when Bernard showed up for training in Brazil. Most Gooners turned it into a joke, saying that Bernard knew M’Vila and Higuaín somehow managed to get lost on their way to/after arriving at the medical centre and he doesn’t like to wait in line. Bernard is a player that most Gooners would love to see at Arsenal.

In other news, Giroud and Akpom danced. – Mertesacker and Podolski dressed up. – Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jenkinson have an adorable bromance going on. – Higuaín’s still missing. Probably got lost in Italy. – Benteke turned down Tottenham’s offer because he’s a Gooner.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.


P.S. the footage of Giroud&Akpom, Oxlade-Chamberlain&Jenkinson and Mertesacker&Podolski can be found here.


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