Diary of a Gooner: Thursday – July 25th, 2013

It’s been a slow day, rumour wise. That doesn’t stop Gooners from tweeting though. Today’s hottest stories? Bernard and Suarez closer to joining Arsenal, angry Liverpool fans and Higuaín might not be joining Napoli after all.

ITKs and media are reporting that both Bernard and Suárez are close to joining Arsenal. Which got quite a few Gooners rather excited, though there are still some Gooners who believe the Boss won’t spend any money and that we’re doomed. While the media and ITKs were rambling on about strikers, some Gooners started talking about how we’re in “desperate need” of a defender, a goalkeeper and a midfielder. To keep it simple they “don’t care who we sign”, but not him, nor him and we definitely do not want that guy!

As I said yesterday, Higuaín arrived in Italy and apparently signed. However, tonight’s presentation has been cancelled. As you may have guessed Gooners are going mental. Some because they think that must mean that we’re signing him, others because some Gooners now believe we will sign Higuaín.

While some Gooners are joking about, the media is now slamming Arsenal for paying too much for a player (with our own money, without a sugar daddy and without getting into debt, thank you very much). Arsenal can’t win. When we don’t spend, we’re cheap and not willing to compete. When we do spend (or when rumours are stating that we’re about to spend), we’re ruining football because we’re spending too much.

To lighten the mood… Ever since the £40,000,000+£1 story, Gooners have been joking around and Liverpool fans have been pissed off. According to some Liverpool fans Arsenal would be a step down for Luis Suárez. Gooners hit back by pointing out that we finished 4th and are playing Champion’s League football and Liverpool… Well they’re not. Spurs fans joined Liverpool fans and several of them have said that there was no point in playing Champion’s League football if you got no chance of winning it, to which Gooners laughed and asked why on earth Spurs were still playing Premier League football. Admittedly pissing off Spurs fans is always a great feeling and to be honest Liverpool fans are hilarious when they’re angry and they’re rather easy to piss off. What made my day was a Liverpool fan practically begging a Spurs fan to stay out of the conversation, because “Liverpool has class, history and talent”, and ending it with “and your just a sh*t club near Arsenal”.

In other news, the Arsenal Ladies won 10-0 from West Ham Ladies in a pre season friendly. Well done Ladies! – Mikel Arteta and Bacary Sagna had a sushi lesson. – Carl Jenkinson sang at a fan party. – Lukas Podolski and Per Mertesacker dressed up and learned the ways of the samurai. – Tomas Rosicky believes Olivier Giroud will be even better next season.



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