Diary of a Gooner: Wednesday – July 24th, 2013

Ranting, laughing, crying, cheering, arguing, dreaming and complaining.

Today’s hottest stories? A scout has arrived in Brazil for Bernard, £40m+1, third bid for Gervinho’s been rejected, oh and Higuaín’s gone.

Gooners and football fans everywhere, minus Liverpool fans, were in stitches when it was revealed that Arsenal had made an offer for Liverpool star Luis Suárez. A £40,000,001 offer that is. Liverpool fans were furious about the £1, they probably missed the other £40,000,000 part of the bid. It was all fun and games until it was revealed that Liverpool had rejected the offer. Though most Gooners continued to joke about it, some turned to ranting, arguing, crying and complaining. Why? Because, and I quote, “Arsenal never take anything seriously (…)”. After the more negative Gooners realised that the £1 was to force Liverpool to inform Suárez we were interested, most of them joined other Gooners in making fun of, angry, Liverpool fans. Oh to be a Gooner, Wenger’s a legend and all that.
Fun side note: Liverpool’s owner turned to twitter as well and asked: “What do you think they’re smoking over there at Emirates?”. Gooners hit back with: “Nothing as strong as whatever you were taking on the day you paid £35m for Andy Carroll.”

However the mood changed later today when Higuaín was spotted in Italy. Some Gooners were angry that we let Higuaín ‘slip through our fingers’, some Gooners were scared this meant Arsenal will not sign a striker and some Gooners were complaining about being ‘let down again’. Thankfully the majority of Gooners remained rather calm and realised there were other options available.

So, Gervinho. Roma’s third bid has reportedly been rejected by Arsenal. There are a few Gooners happy with the thought of Gervinho staying, most Gooners… Not so much. Surprisingly enough there weren’t a lot of arguments about this, or at least no arguments worth mentioning. Most of the arguments went something like this:
– I hope he stays.
– He adds nothing to the team
– He’s got a lot of talent
– Never noticed that before
– He owes us one great season
– Or he can just leave
Like I said, nothing special.

Another hot topic was Bernard. Rumour has it that there’s an Arsenal scout in Brazil. Another rumour states that if Bernard joins Arsenal, he’ll go straight back to Brazil on a loan deal and join Arsenal in the January transfer window. Most Gooners think that Bernard would be a great signing, though they started arguing about the loan deal part rather soon. I guess some things will never change…

In other news, Koscielny will miss Arsenal’s last game of the Asia tour. – The Boss expects Szczesny and Oxlade-Chamberlain to be fit for the last game of the Asia tour. – Another Gunner, Rosicky, stated he’s never been so hungry for the title.

It’s been a long day. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.



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