Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – July 23rd, 2013

Rumours, rumours, rumours… Today’s hottest topics include Gonzalo Higuaín stalling Napoli move, Luis Suárez ‘close’ to signing and Cesc Fàbregas ‘considering his future’ at Barcelona.

Let’s start with Real Madrid striker Higuaín. Rumour has it that Higuaín is stalling a move to Napoli, because his preferred destination is Arsenal and he’s waiting for Arsenal to bid (again). Gooners seem to be getting ‘littlebit’ frustrated. Some with the Boss and/or Higuaín, others with the rumours. To be completely honest, I’ve noticed most Gooners would be more than happy if we somehow managed to sign Higuaín. Since the other (rumoured) possibilities are Manchester United star Wayne Rooney and Liverpool star Luis Suárez, Higuaín is the only one who doesn’t have any behavioural issues. At least not that we know of.

So Luis Suárez… All around the world Gooners are arguing and disagreeing about this man. Some Gooners feel Suárez’s behaviour will only get worse. Some feel we should ignore what’s happened in the past and only focus on what he can do for us this season. Some believe that the Boss will be able to change him. Most Gooners realise he’s made some awful “mistakes”, but are willing to forgive and support Luis, as long as it doesn’t happen again. He’d be a rather controversial signing. Whether or not he’ll actually sign for us is a completely different story.

Sources claim Fàbregas is considering his future at Barcelona. At first United fans everywhere started dreaming about Fàbregas, until it was announced that Barcelona have rejected United’s second offer as well and that he’s ‘not for sale’. Gooners were divided, what else is new, into groups. One group simply laughed at United fans and didn’t really comment on a possible return. One group lost it because in their eyes that must mean that Fàbregas is indeed returning. One group didn’t get carried away and most agreed that it would be ‘great’ if he returned, however they can’t see it happening this year.  There’s also a very small group of people who got angry at the ‘stupidity’ of some Gooners, claiming that Fàbregas will not return and some of them started sending abuse to hopeful Gooners.

In other news, Arsenal Ladies signed Emma Mitchell (20) and Caroline Weir (18). Not many Gooners picked up on this, those who did either congratulated Arsenal Ladies with their double signing, or started ranting about the lack of signings in our first team. – Bad news because not just Vermaelen, but Monreal has been ruled out for the beginning of the season as well. That made Gooners a bit nervous. Three defenders injured, and Gibbs is the only leftback we have. This started a discussion about potential targets and Gooners started dreaming of defenders Arsenal could sign. Popular names were Gustavo, a midfielder who (apparently) can play in centreback and leftback position as well, and Swansea defender Ashley Williams. – Some good news though, the Boss said that both Koscielny and Szczesny’s injuries aren’t too serious and they’re expected to return from injury rather soon.

Something that I noticed an awful lot today was that some Gooners were making fun of Liverpool fans, who are upset because their #1 striker and best player will leave. I would like to remind all of you that last year we were in their position. We were scared to death that we would lose our #1 striker (and our captain). Remember the state you were in when you first started to realise we would probably lose him? Remember how you felt when we actually lost him, to a rival club? Keep that in mind, there’s no need for abuse. Banter’s great, but know when to stop.

Oh right, before I go, Nicklas Bendtner. That Danish guy with a massive ego… Yeah, that one. Yes, he still plays for Arsenal…sorta…okay he’s still an Arsenal player on paper.
Anyway, Nicklas Bendtner blames Arsenal for his inability to find a new club… I hate to break it to you ‘Nicky B’, but I think your massive ego and your complete lack of skills may have something to do with that… Just saying.



2 thoughts on “Diary of a Gooner: Tuesday – July 23rd, 2013

  1. LOVE it! Never before have I seen someone write about how fans react to the news. All the blogs talk about the same rumour and their opinion. This is unique, it’s amazing. Well done!

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