Diary of a Gooner: Monday – July 22nd, 2013

It’s awfully quiet at Arsenal when it comes to signings, besides Yaya Sanogo and getting rid of deadwood that is. However the “ITKs” on twitter are working extremely hard to try and convince everyone that they are actually “in the know”.

Today’s main transfer stories were a rumoured £41m offer for Suárez, a £21m offer for Bernard and the possible return of Fàbregas.

Some Gooners lost their cool (collective shit) when the striker most of them were ‘dying to sign’ turned out to come with a price tag. “The Boss can’t possibly consider paying over £40m for one single player, can he?”. Of course some Gooners seemed rather excited with the thought of Suárez joining The Arsenal. The others? They simply didn’t bother to comment on newspaper and ITK gossip.

Bernard got several reactions. To name a few: “Who is he?”,  “£21m for a 20yo?!”, “Great footballer!” and “He’s too short”. Most reactions were rather positive though, some fell in love with him, others saw potential. Of course some Gooners were upset with the price, Bernard’s height and his age. Fun side note: the Gooners I saw complaining about his height, are the same Gooners who were upset Arsenal released Meade, who’s shorter.

As for the Fàbregas rumours. The vast majority of Gooners would be over the moon if he returned to Arsenal. There are a lot of discussions regarding àabregas. There is one group who believe he’ll stay at Barcelona, another group who believe he’ll return to Arsenal and there are a few Gooners terrified Cesc will end up joining Van Persie at Manchester United. United have made an offer, twice. Arsenal have a £25m buy-back clause. Barcelona have stated Cesc is not for sale. To be continued..

In other news, Arsenal played, and won, another pre-season friendly. This time versus Nagoya Grampus. Goalscorers were Giroud, Ryo (pen) and Walcott. It was a rather special game, especially for the Boss. The fans were outstanding, the atmosphere was great and it was a good game overall. There’s one young Gunner who stole the hearts of the Gooners, Zelalem. At only 16, this kid has got some unbelievable skills and for once Gooners all agreed on a player. Though they still managed to argue about the “Zelalem hype”. Some things will never change.

As for me, I’m happy with the confidence our players are showing during the pre-season tour. The players all seem to get along, which is always a good thing for a team. I trust the Boss to make the right decisions, he knows what he’s doing.

After all, there’s only one Arsène Wenger.



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